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Let’s Get Karah A Birthday Tweet From Nick!

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Personal | 0 comments

All Karah (@Princess_Karah) wants is a birthday tweet from Nick Carter!!!

Karah, the owner of this site and journalist extraordinaire, dedicates many hours to spreading her “fangirling” to the masses and showing love to boybands!

An extreme fan and supporter of Nick Carter, it would make her birthday so very special if she could get a tweet from him!

If Karah get’s that special tweet, I (@GivingPlanks) will “Plank Dance” to a song of Nick’s choosing!  Yes…any song…and I will video it and share for all to see…gulp!

Karah has also agreed that she would do a plank as well…I repeat…KARAH WILL PLANK FOR A TWEET!  I have been trying to get her to plank for a while and she always turns me down…so this is BIG!  (She has also promised not to make any more signs about “Howie’s Wood”…but I’m gonna leave that one alone…ha, ha!)

So…I ask you to help us out by sharing this blog to the attention of all the appropriate people!

Let’s unite to help a friend and have some fun at the same time!

Hugs and Planks!