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Llama Llama, the official mascot of Boys on the Block

by | Jun 21, 2014 | Personal | 1 comment


For anybody that knows us, especially our girl Hannah, you know that there is a Llama that always makes an appearance at Backstreet Boys events.

The boys and their crew have come to known Llama.

There are two llamas – Little Llama Llama and Big Llama Llama (the inflatable one that AJ loves). Watch out at Backstreet Boys events for one of the llamas and if you see Llama, be sure to ask to take a photo.

Check out some of Llama Llama’s greatest adventures below, including getting ridden by AJ and Kevin, a naughty ride by Howie and taking selfies with Nick and Justin.

And be sure to follow Llama Llama on Twitter @ @LlamaSayWUHH.