Review: Backstreet Boys rock Cincinnati and rock my world

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As many of you know, I, Karah, the owner of the site, went to Cincinnati to see the Backstreet Boys with three of my friends. Two of us traveled from Georgia to Nashville to meet the other two and then off to Cincinnati.

For the first time in a long time, I did a concert without a soundcheck, but it was nice not having to get to the venue and waiting forever for the soundcheck to start. The show started not too long after we first got in and Baylee was completely adorable, telling Brian he had to share his fans with him.

Avril was okay. I love her music, but just not a big fan of her live show.

cincy2The boys were great as always. There were Father’s Day videos for each of the boys (except for Nick obviously) and they all got emotional on stage. I held up a “Q” sign during part of “Show Me The Meaning” of being lonely and AJ blew me a kiss. Then I held it up during his little speech, wishing Q a Happy Father’s Day.

After performing a little of “Drowning” and “10,000 Promises”, they started talking about Howie’s bass and I held up my sing “We Love Howie’s Wood” and they all cracked up and started talking about it. Think I made Nick jealous with that because usually my signs are always for him. LOL! Nick was on point though with his performance and singing.

I just wished that the security at the venue would have let me do video. I’ve NEVER had that problem before. And it’s on my camera. It’s not like it’s professional. I only got part of “Breathe” on video besides the Father’s Day videos.

The After Party was hilarious. Ended up front row center because my friends and I were the first diamonds in. AJ sung to me a few times (got it in twice on video)… got photos with both him and Howie. Howie did some dance with Llama and posted a photo. Nick decided to make me realize that I shouldn’t be showing the others attention and danced dirty with my best friend. LOL! That’s okay, AJ sung “Hot Hot Hot” to me. 🙂

It’s going to suck having to wait to see the other boys until October, but I’ll see Nick twice before then.

Note: The photos are all watermarked with the site address. Please do not try to remove them. We share because we care.

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