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NKOTB Cruise 2014.

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Site News | 2 comments

The NKOTB Cruise of 2014 was incredible…. Here are the highlights.

  • Joey showed his ‘Package’ a lot lol.
  • There was a Donathan (Donnie and Jonathan bromance).
  • Jordan was ‘Scar Face’ for movie night.
  • Donnie has his ‘DDub’s Sacred Circle’.
  • Danny played ping pong.
  • Joey Joe had his ‘Duets At Dusk’.
  • Jordan sang a duet.
  • A wedding took place on the ship (Joey Joe walked bride down the isle and Donnie initiated the wedding).
  • Jordan was acting really cute with his costumes.
  • NKOTB were being really asdfghjkl.