February: Important + Fun @BackstreetBoys Dates to Remember

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2/0/1999 “Backstreet Boys” certified as a Diamond album in the U.S.(10,000,000 units sold)
2/2/2011 Nick Carter’s “I’m Taking Off” released
2/6/2001 “The Call” released as a single.
2/14/2017 BSB is featured in the music video for Florida Georgia Line’s ‘God, Your Mama and Me.’
2/16/2008 “Unbreakable” tour begins
2/16/2013 Holden Dorough born
2/20/1975 Brian Littrell is born
2/24/1997 “Anywhere For You” released as a single.
2/26/2015 International premiere of BSB The Movie in London.

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