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Ezra May and Karah are at it again and beware, Karah’s getting a little more comfortable in front of the camera. Check out the music video analysis for “Millennium” below.


Note: Did you notice every time Karah’s been in a different spot? That’s not going to change.

The next video analysis will be for “Black & Blue” which means we will be discussing “Shape of My Heart,” “The Call” and “More Than That.” Have thoughts? Record yourself on video and email them to or Tweet them to her at @missezramay on Twitter!

Video: @BackstreetBoys Music Video Analysis Part 3: ‘Millennium’




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  1. that’s not a girl robot in the LTL video, it’s the actor who played the bus driver in Everybody…

  2. In “The Call” I really love the moment when we see Kevin appearing in the car. What a scared face! It’s one of my favourites songs and the clip is amazing.
    What can I say of “Shape of my heart” video? It’s simply perfect, when the boys keep AJ in the dark is a great moment and Nick looks so cute when he throw down the papers… The five looks gorgeous!

  3. Lacy Piner says:

    IWITW: The song doesn’t make sense… and the video doesn’t make sense. That is awesome!!! haha BOTB Real Talk Hour

  4. Alma Cendali says:

    loved it! SMTM is my favorite video and btw, that is NOT Kevin’s real father in the footage, in the documentary it shows a picture of him and looks nothing like him, they just chose a man that looks like Kev in a way, though I think Kev looks more like his mom.

  5. Allie says:

    For “The Call”, the logic of it escapes me. If a girl runs away from you don’t chase her, you will get into a lot of trouble. A.J was running through traffic and dodging cars. Brian was getting shot at with rubber bullets. Nick tried to go to Howie for help, but it turns out the girl was wearing a mask (what happened to the real Howie?) and he crashes a car. Kevin jumped through a window. And in the end they were cornered by a bunch of angry girls who probably mauled them, but we don’t see that because the video ended.

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