One year since @BackstreetBoys brought the “In A World Like This” tour to the UK

by | Mar 26, 2015 | Throwback Thursday, Videos

And I thought I’d celebrate/mourn by sharing a bunch of my videos from the three dates I did that tour (excluding the Hyde Park Show in July).

First date was Birmingham. Soundcheck started with a bang… Nick and Kevin had a little fight about the way “10,000 Promises” sounded. Long story short… Kevin blamed Nick, Nick said it wasn’t him, turned out Kevin’s keyboard was in demo mode. Brian joked that the band were now called BS3. And of course, I got most of that on video.

Howie’s Ass Shake ruled.

And acapella is never a disappointment!

Next was the London show. My home town! We had tier seats, and I’ll admit, I took video, but for the most part me and my friends were laughing over what my goddaughter thought Kevin’s name was (Steve, fyi) and as well as having her and my sister there, we spent most of the show cheering “Steve” on!

However, did get this. Nick’s dancing = EVERYTHING

And of course, when Martin Terefe (Who wrote on the IAWLT album with the guys in London) Joined them on stage to perform “Trust Me”

And probably the only show I captured the lights during “Breathe” at their perfection. (excuse the language in the video… but it was pretty epic to see)

Then brought on Manchester. One of the best shows I’ve been too. Of course It helped we were second row. Absolutely amazing!

The guys got Nick to shake it, after Howie shook his ass.

The moment of silence for Q

And it was also the show my iPhone took the best videos… ever!

I Want It That Way (check out Nick at 58 seconds)

And of course… Backstreets Back!

So, after watching these I’m pretty sure I need to win the lotto now so I can head overseas and watch it all over again.
Who’s with me?!

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