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Besides AJ McLean, Nick Carter is the one Backstreet Boy who has had the most hairstyles. From the braids on the Disney Special to the long, shaggy looking hair he had on the European/Australian leg of the NKOTBSB tour, his hair has been…. hot and interesting.

Here are five times Nick Carter’s hair has made us wonder if the universe hates us because either we are loving it… or seriously questioning it.

1. The Curtains


This is the hairstyle that Nick is most known for and the hairstyle that he had when most fans first became a Backstreet Boys fans. Even when Chris Hemsworth recently wore a style similar to this, Nick was brought up.

Really, the style should be called “The Carter.”


2. The Soft and Fluffy


This hairstyle came about between Nick’s short and spiky hairstyle and the longer hair he had during his “I’m Taking Off” solo tour and the NKOTBSB European/Australian tour. It was a good look for him and a lot of people liked it. Because it looked like clouds on top of his head.


3. The “Who did it?”


A lot of people have wondered what was up with this look after his birthday celebration in Las Vegas a few years ago. It was during the same period as the photo above, but this is a drastic look. He only kept the flat iron look for one night, but that was enough. He obviously heard the universe crying.

4. The “Heaven Hair In Your Eyes” look


This was a good look for him during the Now or Never days. His hair looks so shiny and soft and it makes us just want to run our fingers through it.  Like, a lot. It’s very beachy looking.

And finally…

5. The April/May 2015 thingamajig


After Nick’s “I’m 35” slick back haircut that made him look very Elvis-like, and then the shave and slicked by haircut he had during the foreign movie promotion, fans were in for something new. And the a mixture of almost every haircut above happened.

Don’t get us wrong, Nick could have red curly clown hair and he would still look awesome, but we wonder what the universe is doing with us with this hairstyle. We love it and question whether it’s a midlife crisis. We question whether we are going through a midlife crisis for contemplating a hairstyle so much. Basically, we are confused. And we like it.


What’s your favorite Nick hairstyle?


5 @NickCarter hairstyles that make us believe the universe hates us




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