5 entertainers that need to be in @NickCarter’s movie “Dead 7”

by | Jul 12, 2015 | Top Lists

Nick Carter is building up quit the pop music alumni list of people to be in his upcoming movie “Dead 7.” From his bandmates AJ McLean and Howie Dorough, to former NSyncer Joey Fatone and trying to get a hold of the thong man Sisqo and saying he’d love it if Jordan Knight were in the movie, he’s building up quit the list of people.

But, as usual, we thought of some more people and we hope Nick doesn’t mind if we go through a list of five that we think would be perfect.

1. Seth Rogen

Seth put the boys in his movie “This is the End,” but how awesome would Seth Rogen be riding in a horse in a zombie western? Or being a minion to AJ’s minion on the evil side of things?

2. Neil Patrick Harris

NPH has a history of riding horses in a movie set in the dead west, but he could bring his mix of Barney Stinson and play a doctor, a la his Doogie Houser days with a long mustache that he can twirl with his finger. Legend… wait for it.

3. Joe Maganiello

“Alcide” from “True Blood” and “Big D–k Richie” from “Magic Mike” has been telling the world lately that he’s a huge Backstreet Boys fan. You know AJ could easily talk him into making a cameo in the movie.

4.  Steve Perry

How awesome would it be if Nick’s childhood idol were to play some big part in the movie… like a sheriff or something? Or a crazy man. Or a homeless man.

5. Debbie Gibson

It wouldn’t be so ‘out of the blue’ for the former teen singer to show up in a SyFy Channel movie… she’s been in one. She could play a female character that is the total opposite of Lauren’s. More subtle, but not a Miss Kitty type character. Maybe she could play someone’s wife.


Of course, these are just my thoughts. Who do you think should be in the movie?


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