Etsy Shop

What do we sell? For the most part, it all revolves around being a fangirl, boy bands and pop culture.

Originally drawn stickers Vinyl Stickers
Custom Greeting Cards Iron-On decals for clothing, etc.
T-Shirts Bags
Shot Glasses Coffee Mugs

Coming Soon: Christmas Ornaments.


While both Karah and Emilia have a background in writing fan fiction, Karah has published several of her stories.  You can find our fan fiction on the site, but learn more about Karah’s published books below.

“How to be an Adult Fangirl (And Not Ruin Your Life” “Let It Be Me”
“Sweeter Than Fiction” “What Are The Chances”
“Cover Girl” “Nothing Like This”

See Karah and Emilia’s other stories at Wattpad.