Remembering “Dream Street”, A Boy Band (1999 – 2002)

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Opinion, Thoughts

So unless you were a pre-teen in 1999, you probably won’t even know that Dream Street actually existed. They used to do small appearances here and there on Nickelodeon and whatever else was popular at the time, but never really took off. However, in their short run, it was obvious that each of them were talented, especially being in their pre-teenage years.


Members (L-R): Chris Trousdale, Jesse McCartney, Matt Ballinger, Frankie Galasso, Gregory Raposo

From the picture, you’re probably thinking, “Two blondes, oversized outfits, and the word ‘street’ in their name? Total Backstreet Boys ripoff.” But let’s not be negative about it. They were inspired by BSB, and we should celebrate that! They even had a song about themselves, as boy bands do. It’s catchy and you won’t be able to deny it. Listen.

Now onto the important things. The blonde band member with the solo at 2:43 is sure Nick Carter-esque, but he’s none other than little Jesse McCartney! Arguably the most successful outside of the group. He’s killed it with solo records (remember Beautiful Soul? my whole school loved it) and TV guest spots, the most recent as Cooper on Young & Hungry (this show is so good!). I’ve always known him as an actor, so I definitely fangirled when I found out about this! For that reason, Dream Street will always have a place in my heart.

I just love watching young, talented singers share their talents, don’t you?




  1. Rebecca Decker

    I was 8 or 9 and I still don’t know much about them, other than that Jesse McCartney, one of my many childhood crushes, was in it.

  2. Erica Brown

    Haha I was 12 and knew about them only because Jesse used to play Jr Chandler on a soap opera my mom would watch and they had apperences on it.

  3. Kristina Burn Visscher

    I love dream street, knew about them from day one, all so Jesse McCartney has really good albums, all his music is great, theirs not a song you can hate ever, I loved that BSB had him as a opening for their tour in 2013, that made the whole concert 100 times better

  4. Nancy Preston

    Lol, I was much older than that but I remember one of the guys being from #AllMyChildren ….watched that soap opera on & off for a bit


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