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Can you believe that some people have been in quarantine for almost two months? It’s funny because the first thought that I had when I found out I would be working from home is, “Wow, I can use all that time that I sat in traffic to work on the website.”

That hasn’t happened, obviously.

We have all slacked up a little because honestly, I think all of us are all still working, but working from home. I feel like I’m working more at home than I am at the office. Maybe because there’s not many distractions (except my mother), but also anxiety and depression has bothered some of us and sometimes it’s hard to be heavily creative to do things such as write when you’re feeling that way. 

I know for me, I’m falling back into depression and I’m trying not to. 

For two weeks the Backstreet Boys fan club had the #FeelsLikeHomeFest and I hosted watch parties every night except four I think, or five. Sounds easy, but it’s actually a little tough. I do that and working and then we hosted a huge watch party for the Backstreet Boys’ 27th anniversary and I couldn’t have done that without Stephanie and the other girls were popping in to watch. 

Britt and Kelsey have been kicking ass as usual and I have tried to write things lately, but nothing really comes out. I’ve written a few things for, but nothing here. Now that all the fests and watch parties are over, I’m getting back into it. 

We have a lot of cool things coming up – including a new layout that Britt and Kelsey have designed for us. It’s amazing and I can’t thank them enough. 

This whole thing has been hard for me with my depression and anxiety. When I’m this way, it’s hard for me to be creative so I’ve been fighting it. I had so many plans during this time stuck in my apartment and I’ve gotten almsot none of it done. I thought I’d finish my book. I thought I’d have this site bouncing. 

Just feel like I’ve let people down a little. 

Everything will be back to normal soon, ya’ll. I promise. 

Random thoughts from a fangirl almost two months into quarantine




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  1. Karin Tear says:

    Hi my name karin tear, I am a huge huge fan of the backstreet boys for 27yrs from England London I have learning difficulties and I am special needs with adhd autism ptsd depression and anxiety and diabetes I am 12% Down’s syndrome and being kept indoors for 4months it’s really not good for me at all, cos it’s making me worse, I would love to get a perniment job with the backstreet boys that make my life worth living for, if it weren’t for there music then I don’t think I would b here today cos I have been known to self harm, but the backstreet boys just has this calming affect in there voices, it’s like it makes you go into a trance of relaxation and you just drift away into your own world, xxxxxxx bsb for live for ever xxx

  2. Rachael says:

    I haven’t been in quarantine but the bsb kept me sane through this bs. Without them I’d go ape s**t

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