News: @NickCarter confirms ComicCon in San Diego – Submit Your Questions!

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Personal

It’s confirmed…..Nick Carter is taking Dead West to Comic Con 2015 in San Diego,CA after all! And I bet you have some great questions to ask Mr. Carter, don’t you?

Well, luckily for us we were able to score 1 badge for the Sold Out event this coming Thursday!!

The bad news is, we may not be able to ask as many questions as we would like BUT we know we want to ask at least 1 question (or maybe more…if we are that lucky..), this is where you guys come in.

Send us your BEST (1) question below and we will ask as many as we can. Please send us questions ONLY about his upcoming film of “Dead West”. Any questions regarding upcoming his solo album OR Backstreet related questions WILL NOT be asked. Nick is trying to promote his film and we would like to support him 100%.

I will attending Comic Con this Thursday and would like to ask him as much questions as I can. Deadline to submit your question Wednesday at 9pm EST! This will give us plenty of time to look over all the questions for Mr. Carter! Let’s let Nick know how excited we are about Dead West!! 🙂

Use the form below to submit your questions!



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