ICYMI: Fan Of the Moment meet @daribeari

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Personal

Its been a few weeks since we did Fan Of the Moment so we wanted to get back into spotlighting you beautiful people.
This week it goes to 15 year old Dari from West Liberty Ky.
Dari has attended 2 IAWLT concerts and 1 Nick-N-Night concert and even attended the KMHOF ceremony where she met Kevin and Brian for the first time! Everyone meet Dari!

q). How did you become a backstreet boys fan?

A) I give full credit to my mom, because if wasnt for her i would not be a fan. When she was pregnant with me bsb was all she listened to. Every since then i googled them and learned their songs immediately.

Q) Who is your favorite member and why?

A) Brian, partily because hes from Kentucky, and i was born in the same hospital as he was. Hes an amazing person inside and out. His strong devotion to his faith and how he never lets anyone influence him are some of the reasons why hes my favorite. I could go on and on but ill leave it at that.

Q) What is it like being a young fan?

A) taboo- its amazing and different at the same time. The fans have been so nice and welcoming and i love it.

Q) Which album is your favorite and why ?

A) Millennium by far because thats where it all started for me .

Q) Which album is your least favorite and why ?

A). This is us- because kevin wasnt on the album and it was different.

Q) What is your favorite song?

A). I still- because i can relate to the song easily.

Q) What is your least favorite song?

A) If I knew then because its just boring to me.

Q) What advice would you give to fans when it comes to meeting the boys?

A) Dont act crazy!, just keep calm and dont fangirl or fanboy to much. The boys love meeting fans and hearing stories .

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