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by | Sep 27, 2015 | Personal

This weeks Fan Of The Moment goes to Vanessa, a Canada girl, who loves her Frick and Frack. Shes been a fan since she was 5 years old . Lets get to know a little more about her.

vanessa and boys

How did you become a Backstreet Boys fan?

I became a backstreet boy fan when I was 5 years old. I watched their first ever video that they made of We’ve Got it Goin on and after that was hooked ever since. At that age thought they were really cute and had nice voices. Have loved them ever since.

Who is your favorite and why ?

I can go on and on with my favourite bsb. His name is Brian Thomas Littrell. He at first was not my favourite I was a Nick girl for like a week the first time I started liking them. But then my mom pointed out Brian and the rest was history. I adore him because he cares a whole lot about each fan he meets. He is such a humble, sweet, caring and also his devotion to his family and God is truly breathtaking to see. I just adore everything about him and more.

What was your first bsb concert

• My first ever bsb concert was black and blue. It was September 12 2001. The day after 9/11. The concert that day was emotional for everyone who was there including the boys. I was so glad I could be part of that moment and just be there for them emotionally in the time of need that had happened the day before. It was an amazing concert that I will never forget.

What is your least favorite bsb song ?

• My least favourite song is Incomplete. For some reason I don’t like it because it puts me asleep almost all the time when I listen to it and to me it just does not suit the boys at all. Sorry for everyone else who loves it but to me it is just not a great song.

what is your favorite song and why ?

• I have so many songs that are my favourite. But my all time fav song that I like is Drowning. The words to that song has so much meaning and all of the guys voices blend so well together to make it an amazing backstreet boys song that we can all love. And also this was their last song they sang before they took a break so it holds a special place in my heart when they closed the last chapter for awhile and then came back better then ever.

What is your favorite album ?

• That is hard to choose but my all time favourite album is Black and Blue. I just love all the songs on there. They are all so catchy and up tempo. To me it just made me smile from listening to it from the beginning to the end and also because that was my first bsb concert I went too so it made the album that much better 🙂

What is ur least favorite album and why ?

My least favourite album for me has to be Never Gone. I only like a few songs on that album and to me it was just not that great. Thought the album to me was just a bit rushed and could have a lot more up tempo songs on there

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