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Karah and Jen…aka “Princess and Plank”…listened to the new “Nick and Knight” album as it was streaming on Pandora…check out our conversation below!

Note: We focused on songs that had not been released before.

Jen: I’m listening to the album and am gonna write my review…

Karah: I’m listening too!  I love Drive My Car!

Jen: Just got there…lol…I’m digging Nobody Better

Karah: Drive My Car is my fave so far…nick’s voice on “do you wanna drive my car tonight…”

Jen: I should copy and paste this into a blog…our conversation on the album…ha!  I like the funky vibe of Nobody Better

Karah: You should!

Jen: I will!

Karah: I can totally forget that Jordan is in Drive My Car. But Nick’s big voice on the chorus on “Take Me Home.” I’d take him right home to my bed.

Jen: Oh…Power Ballad…Take Me Home…cool! Bwah…Karah! Deja Vu…made me start bouncing…lol

Karah: I’m not there yet…LMFAO…How are you going faster than me? I’m listening to the whole thing

Jen: Just got there…I listen to most and move on…never know when my kids are gonna interrupt!  I’ll slow up…Okay I’m on Deja Vu

Karah: I guess I’m gonna have to learn to spell this

Jen: Cool…I like the chorus of this one…reminds me of something…hmmm

Karah: I’m not big on Deja Vu…FF to If You Want It…Which they know we do

Jen: Okay…moving on…but I did like Deja Vu for the record…lol

Karah: I can see thrusting involved in performing If You Want It

Jen: Hmm…I’m dancing again…But I am not thrusting…I plank…not thrust! I like it!

Karah: Ok going to Halfway there…I like it too! Ohhh I’m gonna like Halfway There

Jen: Gah…lost my feed…hold on!

Karah: I wish Nick was singing and not Jordan

Jen: I was kicked out…boo…won’t start again!  I’m back…The beginning of If You Want It is “Halls and Oates”-ish!

Karah: LOL…Halfway There is very Rascal Flatts…I hope Nick wrote it…It’s very fanfictiony

Jen: I gotta get there…hold on…Oh…I like it…nice piano intro Fanfictiony…you created a word!

Karah: I give the album an A.

Jen: Me too! Their voices work so well together!

Then Karah had to go back to work, so I (Jen) will finish up with some final thoughts.

This album exceeded my expectations!  I knew I loved One More Time, Paper and Switch, but figured perhaps the best had just been released first. There isn’t one song that I can say I really disliked…and that’s amazing!

I’d say the album has a pop-funk-R&B feel…and is just fun to listen to and groove along with!

Princess and Plank give it two thumbs up!!!

Congrats to Nick and Jordan!


Review: @NickandKnight’s Debut Album




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