Review: “I Heart Nick Carter” Episode 4: #BlueThongWednesday @HeartNickCarter

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Personal

First let me start off by saying how awesome and amazing it was to have “I Heart Nick Carter” to pick up my #BlueThongWednesday hashtag for the fourth episode of “I Heart Nick Carter.” It was really a joke, but everybody latched on. It was pretty awesome.

And the fourth episode of “I Heart Nick Carter” was probably, by far, the best episode yet.

I haven’t singled out a scene really so far in my reviews, but I will this time. Seeing Nick going to a GED class and taking a test, it made me tear up. Nick is the reason that I started back college after dropping out and he lead me to go after what I wanted – a creative writing degree – which led me to my love of journalism (I did get a creative writing minor lol). So to see him work towards that and how happy he was at the end, I couldn’t have been more proud.

Lauren has been such a great influence on Nick. I can never thank her enough for making him so happy.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…

Best Part: Lauren: I’ve seen you sign a girl’s breast before in front of me.” Nick “That was for work.”

Funniest Part: The end! I thought the blue thong would be the best part of the episode, but Nick’s strut down the stairs after learning he passed his GED test was by far the best thing ever.

Craziest Part: The dots on Nick’s forehead for injections. “Shit doc, that’s a lot of blue dots.”

Saddest Part: Hearing how he felt about school and his parents while in the GED class.

Fave Cameo: The blue thong. DUH! That thing was pretty damn little and left little to the imagination. I guess that DJ in Tampa that time was right? LOL

Looking forward to: JORDAN KNIGHT! Nick and Knight baby!


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