#ProjectKFC update: The money has been raised for one ad!

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Personal

Hey everybody! The money has been raised for one ad and we have decided to only continue with the one ad due to Indiegogo’s fees.

We finished fundraising at $677 through Indiegogo.com with 35 people whose names will appear on the Ad, along with being from the entire Backstreet Boys fandom.


Apparently Indiegogo like to have fees for every donation. We raised this much, but this is how much I have in my PayPal account.


I did not receive any of the money until it hit $600 total for donations and I only ended up receiving barely $550.

And I hate to think of us not reaching the actual two ads because of their fees because I can only imagine what it would be for $1,200.  (Can you IMAGINE what Nick’s fee was for his movie?!?!)

Since it’s almost 5 p.m. now, I’m going to contact the Kentucky Hall of Fame tomorrow to see if I can go ahead and pay for the Ad and then Hannah will begin work it and have it to them by the time they need it.

She did however ask for one thing from the contributors… send in photos of yours to her to put on the ad. Not photos with ANY of the guys or ANY other person. Just yourself. You can email her at pixelpengi@gmail.com and put KFC Project image in the subject line.

We will keep you updated on everything! <3<3

#ProjectKFC #FingerLickinGood


  1. Chrissy

    I am very proud that this worked out!! Thanks for organizing that!!

  2. Jen

    Aww I missed it 🙁
    Paypal takes away a percentage when money is sent to you .. so I’m sure that’s where all the money went.


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