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I’m not one to usually try to start any kind of twitter movement…unless it involves planks or burpees…ha, ha!

But after listening to the new Nick and Knight album, I was impressed enough to think we need to try!  Okay…not impressed…blown away!

Normally I will like a song or two from an album…but this time they were all good!  And I thought the majority were great!!!

Reading my twitter feed last night and this morning I could see the majority of fans felt the same way too.  Of course, if  true Nick and Jordan fans didn’t really like it they would have been polite about it…and non-fans would have been nasty.  But I saw pure excitement and love for the album…and not very many haters!

I have been having fun reading Nick and Jordan’s tweets…they sound like proud fathers!  Nick seems downright giddy…as he should be! 🙂

Times are so different than they used to be and there is a lot we can do via social media to show our support!  Most of all we can really let the guys know just how proud we are by spreading the word!

In the week before the album release let’s get #NickandKnight trending as much as possible!  I will send out twitter reminders and when you see it please use the hashtag and show some love! (Please don’t tag Nick or Jordan and completely clog their timelines…lol!)

I also am supporting Nick and Knight by playing the new songs in my gym and during my classes…I encourage you to share in any way you can.  If we all do a little it can go a long way!

I hope by the time I go to the album release party next week that Nick and Knight are trending away!

Hugs and Planks!




Let’s All Unite for @NickandKnight!




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  1. Nancy says:

    It is downright cute the excitement Nick has for cd! Although sometimes with all the do you like it or what do you like about it tweets it seems as though he needs a hug or pat on the back.

    More than happy to try and get #NickandKnight trending!

  2. jesse stephenson says:

    Ill try and show them love.

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