Fashion: @KevinRichardson’s Top 7 looks over the years

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Boy Bands, Top Lists


There’s no denying that Mr. Body Beautiful has a keen eye for fashion. I mean, he modeled in a fashion ritzy fashion show once. But over the years, Kevin Richardson has had some great.. and questionable looks. (That Men Strike Back skirt still puzzles us…)

Let’s take a look at seven of Kevin Richardson’s top looks over the years.


1. Longer, spiky hair “I’m a grown man” Kevin Richardson
Now don’t get me wrong, I love short and spiky Kevin Richardson also, but the look Kevin had for the “In A World Like This” photo shoot just had something extra special about it. The longer hair sticking up and styled, clean-shaven goatee and stern look… Kevin had us asking, “Where you been at, yo?”



2. Cowboy Up Kevin Richardson
Well there was something about Kevin in this 2000 Teen People photoshoot that just had us wagging our tongues. Leather pants and cowboy boots? Even Nick Carter girls weren’t looking at Nick (because, Nick was originally right beside him in the picture but was cut out. Sorry, Carter). Kevin needs to wear more leather pants. Yes. And more cowboy boots. Yes. And this hairstyle was good, too. Not too short, not too long. Yeeees.



3. All-American Kevin Richardson
Kevin is the perfect All-American Boy in this photo, which back in 1998, I’m sure that’s what Lou Pearlman and Johnny Wright was going for. But it worked, because to be honest, Kevin is just that – an All-American Kentucky boy. And wearing that Kentucky blue shirt helped.



4. Wearing All Black Kevin Richardson
Besides blue, black is one of the greatest colors on Kevin Richardson and I think he might know that. It looks perfect next to his dark hair, dark eyebrows and complexion. And this look in the Millennium photo shoot proves just that.



5. Bathrobe Kevin Richardson
You gotta admit, even though it’s just a bathroom, Kevin Richardson makes it look really good. And what’s better than finding Mr. Body Beautiful in a nice, white, clean, fluffy bathrobe? Well some would probably say him out of the bathrobe, but we’re good girls here. Carter, we see you trying your best to get in this list. We see you.



6. “Chicago” Kevin Richardson
Kevin was the perfect person to be in the Broadway show “Chicago,” because he has that look. By “the look,” I mean, he has the looks of being a movie star back in the golden age of film, next to Clark Gable. In fact, he could give Clark Gable a run for his money and win Scarlett O’Hara over.



7. Dark & Twisty Kevin Richardson
Some might consider this stage in Kevin’s life the “treehugger years,” but I’m going with dark and twisty. At least for this picture he looks all dark and twisty. He could probably give Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” a run for her money with all the dark and twistiness.  He looks like a bad boy in this photo, even though we know he’s a huge sweetheart, but this was a good look for him.

Who are we kidding? Every look is a good look!


He even made that damn skirt look good!

Do you agree with these top seven looks or not? What do you think Kevin’s top look is?

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  1. Noora

    Oh I DEFINITELY agree! He looks great in pretty much anything. Wasn’t too sure about the long hairstyle back in the day but it does look really good! I really like his Never Gone look too a lot. But I think he’s never looked better than he does now. Him wearing that blue suit on the IAWLT…. Man I wish he had worn that in Europe.


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