DNA World Tour: 6 reasons we should be thankful for the new @BackstreetBoys tour

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Since the release of the Backstreet Boys brand new single, “Chances,” along with European tour dates and, surprise, North American tour dates, there has been some complaining around the BSB fandom. In part, some of the complaints are valid. Trust me, they are.

Regardless of that and people’s opinion, we need to look at the bigger picture here – THE BACKSTREET BOYS ARE TOURING!

The tour kicks off in May in Europe and ends in September in the United States. They’ll make stops in London, Paris, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Montreal along the way.

But guess what? We should be THANKFUL that we are even getting the DNA World Tour. We know people know that and are thankful, but I just felt like sharing the good reasons to be thankful.

But why should we be thankful? Here are six reasons:


The boys could have EASILY stayed in Las Vegas doing a residency every few months and three shows a week at that. For the past two years, they’ve had a home base despite a few random shows here and there. Their family life has been stable. They’ve had a bit of normalcy in their lives for the first time in … two decades or more? Look at Britney Spears for instance. How many tours has she done since she first went to Las Vegas? I believe it’s one tour, which she did after she finished at Planet Hollywood.


On the DNA World Tour, you know that we will get to hear some of the new music on the new album that comes out January 25, 2019. Just like with “In A World Like This,” they’ll definitely mix new songs in with the hits. If they stayed in Las Vegas, we would probably get the same show for a few more years with few changes.


We get the excitement of a brand new tour to go in the history books with Vegas, “Into The Millennium,” “Black & Blue,” “Never Gone,” and the others. You know there will be brand new intermission videos, such as the funny one where the guys are asked questions about one another from the “In A World Like This Tour” or the old men skit from “Black & Blue.” We get a brand new opening and maybe even brand new choreography.


For the most part, most people, if they are lucky, will not have to travel to see the Backstreet Boys on the DNA World Tour. They are hitting almost every spot in Europe, the United States and Canada. Sure, fans in other parts of the world may have to travel, but you know the guys will eventually tour there. For instance, for me, they are coming to Atlanta, but I am choosing to go to Washington, D.C., to see them on my birthday the opening night of the U.S. leg.


The Backstreet Boys are touring arenas (solo) for the first time since the Black & Blue tour. Do you know how rare and big this is? It’s very rare that an artist or group who were as popular as the Backstreet Boys, but experienced a decline in hits, record sales and ticket sales, to get to tour arenas as a headliner again. You know why they get to do that again? They have worked their ASSES off the past few years to keep their faces out there, the Backstreet Boys brand, and their hits and new music.


After nearly 26 years, our favorite group is still together and making new (and good!) music. The Backstreet Boys could have easily called it quits after “Black & Blue” and “Chapter One,” took the money they earned and ran like other girls. (Lookin’ at you NSync!). They didn’t. Even with solo career projects and other ventures, they are still together. And if you’ve seen them live or met them, you know how appreciative they are for their fans support over the years, especially in the low times when they weren’t selling out smaller venues.

No one will ever be happy with tour dates are released. The frustration is understandable but in times like these, you also have to look at the bright side of things and be positive.

Our boys are still kicking ass and taking names.

Backstreet’s Back, literally.

Come may, we will be like Tim McGraw below and basking in the glory of the DNA World Tour.

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