Video: @BackstreetBoys fan club member’s boyfriend proposes BSB style

by | Aug 20, 2017 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Videos

Backstreet Boys fan club member Rachel Hobley of Louisana got the surprise of her life Saturday night when out of nowhere, her fiancee, Sean Mercer, and four of his friends began putting on a show.

And not just any show – a Backstreet Boys show – and a show he’d seen a few months ago.

“He took me to Vegas in March and it was amazing,” Rachel said. “He bought me and a meet and greet and everything.”

Rachel, who has been a Backstreet Boys for as long as she can remember, said her soon-to-be husband and friends rehearsed for about two hours for three days.

Which isn’t long at all.

Maybe these five guys should start their own boy band!

Check out the video below courtesy of Sean’s Facebook page.

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