Five of the greatest quotes from the media about @BackstreetBoys appearance on ‘The Bachelor’

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, Pop Music, Television

As a member of the media, I can appreciate a good review and I’ve been reading a lot of them over the past 24 hours since the Backstreet Boys showed up on “The Bachelor.”

I mean, really, what’s not to love about it? Besides the fact that every time they said “Nick,” I kept thinking Carter was going to pop up, it was pretty great and reminded us all while some of us have it bad, at least we aren’t on a dating reality show.

Check out these top five comments from ‘The Bachelor’ reviews about the Backstreet Boys. The best part is in italics.


1.  The Ringer

When the Backstreet Boys are revealed on Monday’s episode, every single contestant screams like it was 1998. While people on The Bachelor often have to fake enthusiasm for once-famous acts — I’ll never forget a character saying with a straight face that The Cranberries were his favorite band — nobody was faking Backstreet enthusiasm. I mean, hell, I was pretty pumped, and I was just watching in my living room. Backstreet was back, dammit. And everybody agreed that it was all right.

2. Time

Why would you want to spend alone time with Nick when you can spend the entire day with the Backstreet Boys? The women hop in a limo and meet Nick at the studio where they practice for a live show in front of an audience of 500 people who all signed NDAs to protect the show’s integrity.

3. ScreenerTV

Before the big performance, they all get to rehearsal privately with Nick, Brian, AJ, Howie D and Kevin, learning step-by-step, the official tour dance moves for “Everybody.” Stellar job, producers: This is by far the best group date ever. Being a part of this kind of special experience might make pretending to want to marry Nick Viall on national TV worth it. (Well, almost worth it. But for purposes of hyperbole and love of the Backstreet, we can go there.)

4. Entertainment Weekly

For today’s date, the Backstreet Boys — who are way too good for this show — are running things, and all they tell the women about the date is to avoid wearing heels.

Long story short, the Backstreet Boys are the latest in a long line of musicians to allow Bachelor contestants to completely ruin one of their shows, but they’re doing it in the name of publicity for their upcoming Vegas residency, so all’s fair in love and getting the word out. Today, the women and Nick will be joining BSB on stage as their backup dancers, and by the end of their show, they will pick one woman to stay on stage with Nick and get a special a capella serenade. (Unfortunately, the woman will have to be looking at Nick and not BSB. Hey, Brian!)

5. ABC7

Then, Nick got to choose who did the best to get serenaded by BSB on stage! He chose Danielle L.! Corrine was jealous despite doing a terrible job. So they serenaded her while she danced with Nick on stage. Lame. She should have danced with Nick Carter instead ha!



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