Let’s hear from you! How did you become a Backstreet Boys (@backstreetboys) fan?

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Thinking about it, I thought that maybe if everybody shared how they became a Backstreet Boys fan, it would be interested to hear all the stories.

Comment below and tell us your story and how you became a fan!


  1. Karah

    I’ll answer my own question…. I went to Grad Nite in May 1998 and didn’t like them at all… until I was up front and Nick pointed at me asking if he was sexual during “Everybody” and well, I said yes. I started learning more about the group, their music, etc. and they helped me a lot. So Nick’s sexuality made me a fan. LMAO!

  2. Stephanie Mayse

    I was 12 years old when saw the qpgwmh video. I thought oh my .. about month or so later I came home and my mom said here Stephanie I have something for u.. she handed me a a cassette tape. It was The backstreet boys. From then on I was hooked. 18 years later I still feel the same way about them as I did back then.. thanks mom! Lol

  3. Chrissy

    I became a fan in December 1995 and immediately liked Howie and their voices and dance moves. (I just turned 12 that year.)
    Fast Forward to my first Backstreet concert on Howie’s birthday: The boys were singing their individual songs and I immediately “fell in love” with Nick during “Heaven in your eyes…and it never changed again! 🙂

  4. ne-ne

    I became a fan in 1996 I was in the 6th grade I remember hearing one of there songs on the radio (kiis f.m) I feel in love with A.j I couldn’t resist that bad boy image he had. I used to stay in claires that were I would by all my merchandise. My wall was covered in posters. There was nothing you could tell me about them cause I knew they had it going on. I’ve been a fan since. But I won’t lie I did fall off after black n blue, but I nvr stopped listening to them. I find my inner teen taking over me again (now 27)., and I live very min of it.

  5. barbara

    it was 1995..i found a magazine in a store in germany n i liked that hot blond guy.from that day i have this passion for blond-blue eyes-guys,damn carter.i blame u.in 1996 i still remember the first time i saw “get down”vid..it was so catchy,i tried to make the same moves with my sister.still now i cant dance like them at all,but i try!LOL proud to be ther fan all my life.from the age of 12 til now,31.19 years n counting.i still cant get rid of em!heeeeelp meeeeeeeee

  6. Stephanie Lambert

    I knew I liked Quit Playin Games, but didn’t know much about them. 1997, and I see As Long As You Love Me and I have loved them ever since!! Nicks adorable hair cut and those eyes got me hooked. However now, AJ is my main squeeze. Growing up, my personality matches his more. Although I love them all in their own ways!! My first TAPE was the BSB album, I had over 4,000 posters at my house and my grandmas, I had video tapes and recordings of them on TV. They are my boys!! Love them since I was 11 and I’m 28!

  7. Trisha

    When I was 16, I had gotten out of a very abusive relationship two years earlier. It left me broken and suicidal. I couldn’t feel, couldn’t cry. I didn’t care about anything. My best friend called me one afternoon to come over to her house and listen to this tape a friend of hers had sent her. The tape had five songs from the first Backstreet Boys CD. I loved their voices, thought they sounded amazing. Then this song, Roll With It, came on…and for the first time in two years, I cried. I was going to kill myself that night, and hearing Roll With It saved my life. From that day to almost 18 years later, I have been a die hard BSB girl.

  8. Anne Kolehmainen

    I remember seeing I’ll Never Break Your Heart -video from the TV and I was thinking that who are those young guys. The song and the video was cute and they got me glued to the screen. Since then BSB sneaked into my heart. The more I heard about them, the more interested I got, and soon I totally fell in love w/ their music and w/ the guys, esp. Brian and Nick. My first BSB concert was The Millennium Tour concert 1999 and my latest concert was The IAWLT Tour concert March 7th. this year, in Helsinki, Finland. I have seen 6 BSB concerts so far. I have to add that I’m also a huge NKOTB fan. I was a huge (and I mean HUGE) Blockhead in late 80’s and early 90’s before NKOTB disbanded and before BSB, so I’m very glad that NKOTB got back together. I was surprised and happy when I heard about The NKOTBSB Tour, but I wasn’t able to go and see them in concert that time ! 🙁 Since I love both NKOTB and BSB, it goes without saying that I’m very excited about the Nick and Knight collaboration too! 🙂 I haven’t actually met neither of the groups or any of the individual bandmembers, not yet, but that’s on my Bucketlist! :)) I’m so thankfull 4 all of the years, all of the hard work and all of the things that both of those bands do 4 their fans, so here’s hoping many, many more to come! <3

  9. jesse stephenson

    15 years ago i was walking through a sears here in memphis tennessee my home town and there was this screen playing the music video to i want it that way and i knew at that moment i found my band. I begged my older brother to go to walmart and get that CD and he did and we learned about them. Weeks later I saw there first album there and some video like live in orlando. From that year to now i have been a loyal fan of the backstreet boys and have all of there albums and hits compilations. OVer the years ive gotten new copies of there albums because they eventually become scratched to the point where they can’t be played again. IVe had every album for many years my own copies of course and before i got my copies of never gone and unbreakable my brother had them since they cam out I had the rest. That’s how long I have been a fan. I have all of there solo albums to.

  10. Sapna Sajnani

    When I got my first backstreet boys tape on my store and went upstairs that is how I became a fan of bsb then suddenly I stare to Nick Carter photo which was the album art then instantly fell in love with him then I asked my friend how old is he cos I want to marry him then I told myself he is handsome when I saw the pic with their messages. Then I listened to Backstreet’s Back album. ☺

  11. Veronica Wilson

    I was a late bloomer, a mom and 31 years old. My kids were into BSB. I had never paid much attention until they were watching Homecoming in Orlando Fl. I walked into the room, saw AJ singing “Lay Down Beside Me” and it was lust at first sight. My kids have outgrown BSB, but I am still a true fan. Just saw them again on the Ina World Like this tour with another “mom fan”. Will always love them, even more now than ever.

  12. Sapna Sajnani

    This is how I become a fan of my boys when I was 10 on 1997 and I got my first crush Nick Carter. ☺

  13. Mickey Swenson

    In the summer of 1999, when I was four, I remember hearing “As Long As You Love Me” on the radio all the time, but never knowing who sang it. The following summer, my dad bought me the For The Fans Millennium concert VHS from Burger King and my whole little world changed. Brian’s solo in the second verse of “Back To Your Heart” made me fall for him in an instant, and their harmonies hooked me for good. (I’m actually surprised that I haven’t worn that tape out yet because there was a point in my childhood where I watched it every single night for over a year. I was addicted.) I got their CDs, memorized their songs, started learning trivia about the boys, had posters and magazine cut outs and shirts and all sorts of stuff, and tried so hard to convert my friends into fans (I know I probably drove them crazy with all my fangirling). I was so sad when they went on their hiatus, and over the moon when I found out they were coming back in 05. My first concert was during the Never Gone tour, and since then I’ve been to the Unbreakable and In A World Like This tours as well. I’m still collecting memorabilia and hope to meet them someday soon. These boys have me wrapped around their fingers and I’ll be a proud BSB fan for life. 😀

  14. Lorena

    i don´t remember well the exact point when i became a bsb fan; but i remember myself, since i was 9 or 10 years old, listening and singing bsb songs all the time in my house, at swimming pool, at school….. I also remember my school folder lined with bsb pictures, as well as my bedroom. When i was a child i was fall in love with them, but now i am fall in love of their music. Nearly 20 year later i am still a bsb fan and i will be it all my life, because they are the best boy band in the world. The BSB music has always meant a lot to me, but since January this year their music has helped more than they can imagine; so i have only one word THANKS Backstreet boys!!!!!
    Sorry for my English, kisses from Spain!!

  15. Selina C.

    I was seven years old and my grandmother and mother bought my sister and I the Millennium CD around the same time without knowing the other had bought it. So my sister and I each had our own copy and it escalated from there. Posters everywhere, we made our mom video tape their HBO concert special, made her play all the songs in the car and had all the CDs. Nick was my first celebrity crush and I both blame and thank my mom and grandma for that every day!

  16. Crystal

    I feel in love with AJ McLean when he was on Nickelodeons Gas and Guts GaS. Then I say him in a magazine with this new boy band called Backstreet Boys. I told my mom I had to get the mag she said ok. After that I got the cassette covered my walls and 21yrs later I still love my boys especially AJ.

  17. Nancy

    After NKOTB broke up pop music went grunge & Nancy went country music route much to my Mom’s dismay…lol. She saw BSB & asked me to come take a look at them.

    Shortly thereafter I was listening to a solo cd of John Taylor from Duran Duran (won’t go into how bad that was!) & I asked my sister for BSB Millennium cd since my picture taking skills were requested at their show so above mentioned sister could lose her mind at show.

    I enjoyed listening to cd & show and much to my Mother’s relief I was listening to some pop music again! lol

  18. Lai (laih3artsyouu)

    I was first introduced to BSB by my cousin in 1998 and I like them but wasn’t crazy about them until the “I want it that way” song released. It was when I went all crazy! I had posters of them that covered every inch of my white wall. After so many years I am still a big fan of the boys & will always love them!

  19. Nicole

    I became a Backstreet Boys fan before I even started school. I can’t believe the Backstreet Boys are 2-3 years older than me!! Sometimes I say that I’ve been a fan since I was born, but in truth the earliest I remember listening to their songs was when I was 3. I think the song that remember listening to the most as a kid is ALAYLM and that is still my favorite song by them. Of course I love all of their hits and love the fact that each album they released I like more than 2-3 songs unlike most artists today. I regret that I didn’t collect all of the BSB memorabilia when I was younger, but I guess if I start now I can say “better late than never!” I still have yet to go to one of their shows and meet them in person. I will make sure I do that before I turn 25 (I’m 19 now). BSB Cruise(in the future) it will be!! Some of my friends give me a hard time about still being a BSB fan, but I don’t care what they think, BSB is the best band out there!

  20. Jeremy Ouellette

    The first time ever that I saw the Backstreet Boys was around 1998-1999 when I was 4 or 5, now back then I didn’t know about being a fan, but with my sister liking *NSync, I actually liked BSB over them, though I saw more *Nsync. So I feel like I started then, but I actually legit re-became a fan back in late October of 2012, and since then, I feel like I will be a fan ’till the day I die. Though I’m still under a rock with a few things, I will eventually catch up. Thanks to them, they’ve helped me keep going in life. I can also thank AJ for making me a stronger human being and not giving a fuck about what people think of me. Knowing them more makes me even more proud of being a fan of theirs. I am also the “rare” occurance of a Male fan out there, though I don’t really care about that, but I have no shame saying I am a fan, so I can proudly say I’ll KTBSPA forever and will always be a Backstreet Soldier.

  21. Angie

    I tried to not be a fan. Seriously. And then one day, I was out shopping at Burlington Coat Factory with a friend and I heard music playing overhead. I asked who who it was that was playing. She said “It’s the Backstreet Boys.” I was shocked. “Well whoever that is singing near the beginning of the song about ‘never being apart,’ that guy can sing. I need the CD.” And she took me somewhere and we bought the Backstreet Boys album. I believe Millenium was out at this time and I picked it up as well. I was late to the party.

  22. Alexa McLean

    Its kind of a funny story..she what had happened was. Just playing. It all started in the spring of 2012(like around March or April). I was sixteen at the time. I was on my way home from a long day at school and I was on YouTube listen to different types of boybands, but non of them really got me interested in them. Wasn’t feeling it. So I see a song that said “Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life”, so I decided to listen to the song. The minute I played that song, I was never the same again. Lol! Days later I listen to more of their songs, comes to find out that my mom has two BSB CDS (which are now mine). I also freaked out when I found out that AJ’s last name is the same as mine and he’s my favorite Backstreet Boy. Months later I learn more about bsb and made a few backstreet friends on twitter. In August 16th 2013 I went to my first BSB concert and soundcheck party, in a world like this. Best day of my life, meeting bsb, going on stage with them, and seeing the preform live was amazing. On June 21st 2014(the day after I graduated high school) I went to their second leg of the In A World Like This tour and it was ten times better then the last time. Of course I went to their soundcheck, I couldn’t miss that. Lol. To this day I’m proud to be part of the Backstreet army. This is the most awesome fandom I’ve ever experienced. I love BSB & the fans!!! And that’s the story on how I became a fan.

  23. Jessica Miller

    Well I was really little, maybe 5 years old. I think I heard them on the radio and my best friend at the time was also a fan. Probably helped a little that they appeared on tv a lot. I’m not sure of the very first time, but I was a fan at an early age. I’m only about a week older than they’ve been a band which is why.

  24. Shannon Sour

    I was at home one day and did my usual of watching MTV (back then it was cool) they played non stop music videos, so therefore I saw the music video for Backstreet Boys it was called Quit Playin’ Games With My Heart, I remembered two things A) I love this song and B)The blonde boy is whoa!! ha-ha! I remember running to get paper and pen to get their information down, I waited until my mom got home from work and begged her to take me to Best Buy to buy their CD and I played it non stop.

  25. ZetaBSBFan

    Well, I’ve only been a fan for over a year but I can tell you that I am absolutely obsessed! Sometimes I feel sad because I should have discovered them earlier, it’s not my fault though because I’m only 15 years old and here in Greece most teenagers like One Direction (I used to like them too but when I saw BSB I though “This is what I am looking for”! I alwqys knew them and I kinda liked some of their songs but I wasn’t really intersted.In 2013 my BFF started listening to them but it wasn’t until July that I actually started becoming a fan. When I heard the song “In a world like this” I instantly loved it and my little brother, 11, showed me Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) video and completely fell for the Dracula (Howie, always my fav).I started watching their videos and listening to the songs, I remembered I said that I couldn’t believe that all of the songs are amazing! Now, a year later I’m a huge fan, I listen to them every day and I annoy everyone with my obsession for my Boys!!! Hopefully one I will go to their concert and make my dream come true by meeting my 5 idols!

  26. Malena

    Growing up, I’ve always heard their songs like “Show Me The Meaning,” “I Want It That Way,” and “As Long As You Love Me,” etc. My cousin showed me Youtube and I just kept searching up their songs to see who came up with such amazing sounds. I fell in love when I saw them and still watch their videos until now. I joined Twitter a few years ago and followed them all after New Kids On The Block. Both groups are amazing! I will never forget the half of me that’s a #BackstreetSoldier however.

  27. Andie

    My best friend’s mom was driving us to dance class? Suddenly the radio station started playing We’ve Got It Goin’ On started playing and I fell in love immediately. We had her mom drive us to HMV (record store in Canada) and she bought us the cassette. This was in 1996… I was 7 years old.

    Then I saw a picture of Kevin and it was all downhill…he was (and still is) the most beautiful man, I’d ever seen! I’m proud to support Backstreet to this day #ktbspa

  28. Kristi

    Unfortunately I don’t remember the first time I heard BSB. I know I was in second grade, sometime in 97-98 I believe. I do remember thinking I would get in trouble for singing “am I sexual?” LOL! But I loved them! I remember my 5th grade teacher let us watch the All Access movie one day in class.

  29. Kristi

    I’m not one to jump on the band wagon just because everyone else is. So i didn’t become a fan until about 1998. There was one week while driving to work, or to town, and i kept hearing songs that i enjoyed a lot, and then the radio DJ would say, “…and that was the Backstreet Boys with ‘ x ‘ “. And by the end of the week i had heard 4 or 5 songs that i liked. So on my next shopping trip I decided to check out their albums and see how many songs i knew just by the title. There were quite a lot! So i bought a CD, and started seeing them on VH1 and MTV. (Kevin and Brian caught my eye right away!) Then i bought the Millennium album after seeing the “Larger Than Life” music video. When i heard “Show me the meaning of being Lonely”, and Kevin singing a solo, i was hooked! 🙂 Long live BSB!

  30. Liesbeth

    Weirdly enough I still remember the exact moment I heard the boys for the first time. It was back in 1995, I was 14 years old and I was sitting in the car with my mum. I even remember the road we were on when I got absolutely totally and utterly struck by We’ve got it Going on. It was the first time I heard the song and I loved it. I just had to find out who was the band behind this song. So my search began…and a few days later I saw the videoclip on TV. HELLO NICK!!! I was hooked. I think this was the moment I fell in love for the very first time in my life.

    From then on, all I could focus on was the boys….my room was full of poster, I listened to the music non-stop and my dad often made the comment that if I would know my school work as well as their song lyrics, I would be able to skip a year in school.

    Fast forward to 2014 and ‘no dad, I have still not grown out of this phase’, boyfriends have come and gone but these 5 boys are still very consistently present in my life. I have to admit I still love Nick 😉 and it’s an addiction I don’t even want to fight against.

  31. Danielle d

    well I became a fan back in elementary school 1996 when I first heard their music going home on the school bus and I heard quit playing games with my heart the very first time I never knew who they were they were at first and who was singing that wonderful song the voice sounded very well wonderful.I was like I wonder what the guys look like so I’m went home and I was watching MTV or one of the music channels and I saw the Backstreet Boys pop up forgot what song it was with one of their singles off their first album and I was like wow they’re really good and I first start to fall in love with Brian and he came my favorite and still is to this day I love the can be so silly interviews..and around I was se 2002 I kinda lost track of them cuz I thought they broke up I’ll admit it I did but then I found out later they never did break up so anyways that’s my story.love u bsb

  32. Danielle d

    I mean middle school oops lol


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