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''As long as we have our fans, we can conquer anything.''

I'm Karah. Building websites has been in my blood since 1998 when I first started dabbling in web design. After owning several sites, including a very popular fan fiction website called My Confession for years, I stopped – websites, fan fiction – everything.

In 2014, I created Boys on the Block after my “Fangirling” column at work became so popular, a former boss suggested I turn it into a website. That happened after I had written about Nick Carter and Jordan Knight working together before anyone else and was invited to two webcasts the day they announced Nick & Knight.

Once I received over 200,000 hits in one day, causing the site to crash. Thank you, Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy’s wedding.

about the website

That's me!

After a while, I felt like the site wasn’t needed. I was questioning myself. I was in a funk, as most writers go through. So many other similar sites had come along, so I decided I wanted to focus on another kind of writing – different things that made me happy besides Backstreet Boys, even though they continued to be a main subject on the site.

With various things happening in my life and the fact that in 2018, I barely updated, I knew what I needed to do – go back to my happiness – Backstreet Boys.

I’ve had the @BSBFangirls name on social media for the site for a few years now, and I was originally going to keep this site as until I got a free domain with my hosting package and picked The more I started working on it, the more I realized that’s what I wanted.

I know that I have so many friends who are creative and are amazing, so I want to give them a place where their voice can be heard also. While there's a lot of Karah on this site, it's for all of us. It belongs to all of us.

We are all BSB Fangirls at heart.

OCTOBER 19, 1999

early fall, 2000

Karah creates Carter-McLean Enterprises, a BSB fanfiction / humor website on Geocities

 Karah takes a break from updating My Confession due to starting college back up

The website name is changed to My Confession

SPRING, 2005

MAY 1, 2014

Boy On The Block was created as a Buzzfeed-type website for boy band fans

 Karah officially closes the My Confession site


Karah brings My Confession back and begins writing fan fiction again

JULY, 2008

January, 2016

The website is changed to The Fangirling Life to focus more on fangirling and things that Karah enjoyed.

The Fangirling Life becomes BSB and additional writers join the team


the evolution of 


more about Karah

Me again! I have been a fangirl since I was born, I think. I met my first celebrity when I was two-years-old. It was Enos from “The Dukes of Hazzard.” I went to my first concert when I was in 4th grade – New Kids on the Block (my first music loves). I got in a fight in 7th grade because someone ripped my Mark-Paul Gosselaar poster (Zack from “Saved by the Bell.” Then just before I graduated high school, I saw the Backstreet Boys at Grad Nite at Walt Disney World. Nick Carter looked at me when he sang “Am I sexual?” and I have never been the same.

They have been a HUGE part of my life and basically saved it. In fact, Nick talked me into going back to college and I became an award-winning journalist before changing careers and went into marketing. I have been lucky enough to interview Howie, go on the cruises, travel to see them, and extremely lucky to have met my best friends and sisters thanks to the boys. 

i'm a bsb fan until the day i die.

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a few of my favorites...

Favorite BSB: Nick Carter with Kevin Richardson and AJ McLean tendencies. 

a few of my favorites...

Favorite BSB Songs: “Just Want You To Know,” “Shape of My Heart,” “Drowning, “Don’t Wanna Lose You Now,” “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” “You Can Let Go,” “In A World Like This,” “Madeliene,” “Undone,” “The One,” “The Way It Was,” etc.

a few of my favorites...

Favorite BSB Video: “Just Want You To Know” (SPYNKTER FOREVER)

a few of my favorites...

Favorite Movies: “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back,” “Almost Famous,” “Forrest Gump,” “Chasing Amy,” and the Avenger movies, “Thor: Ragnarok”

a few of my favorites...

Favorite TV Shows: “Friends,” “The Office,” “Charmed,” “Outlander,” “This Is Us.” 

a few of my favorites...

Favorite Books: “Gone With The Wind,” “Good In Bed,” “Kill The Boy Band,” “Fifty Shades of Grey.” 

a few of my favorites...

Favorite Albums: “Now or Never” (Nick Carter), “DNA” and “Millennium” (Backstreet Boys). “Ropin’ The Wind” (Garth Brooks), “A Little Bit Longer” (Jonas Brothers), “Fearless” and “Speak Now” (Taylor Swift)

these two designed the fangirls
brand + website!

Meet the fangirls Team


Britt + Kelsey are designers (located in Ohio and Virginia, respectively) who found each other through the internet, bonded over their love for BSB, and started a business together before ever even meeting in person. They’ve now been running their virtual brand + website design studio, Launch Your Daydream, for over two years and have attended three BSB shows together — and hopefully, many more to come!

kevin girl

Andie is a lover of good music, law, NFL football, and bourbon. When she’s not writing for this website or talking about Kevin Richardson, she’s giving makeup and fashion advice, playing with her pugs or traveling to exotic locations.

brian/kevin girl

I am an “amateur fangirl,” 46 years old, and just entered the Backstreet Boy fandom July 2018 after meeting the boys for the 1st time in Las Vegas. I feel like that night my whole life changed for the better. My traveling in 2019 to see the Backstreet Boys was 2nd to meeting all my friends. My hope is that I get the chance to spend more time with my “girls” in 2020 and of course to see more BSB. 

NICK girl



Backstreet Boys fans may know me from my work on Kaos Online - a Nick Carter fan site that I launched in 2006 and owned for 12 years. In 2018, I decided to close the fan site but continue to update fans on all things Backstreet through the site's social media pages. 

I've been a BSB fan for 22 years, have attended six concerts and met them a few times. I also had the chance to meet Nick twice during his solo tours. Outside of BSB, I love music, soccer, and writing.  

nick girl

I spend time with my dogs that are the loves of my life-Chase and Harley. I work as a medicine tech at a long-term care facility. I live in Omaha Nebraska, I’m a proud University of Nebraska alum. Go Huskers! I split my time fangirling for the Backstreet Boys and Husker sports! If I could make a living off of traveling with my dogs going to Husker games and Backstreet Boys concerts I would be in heaven! My family has become all the people I have met on my travels. 


Hi, my name is Cindy. I live in Pennsylvania and I work in banking. I’m married, and have 2 cats. I enjoy traveling, makeup, and drinks most would say are too sweet. I love to laugh and don’t take myself too seriously. I’ve been a loyal Nick girl since day one. I met the guys for the first time in 2011, and have made some amazing memories and friends since! 





34 years old // British // long time BSB fan (Circa ‘95, yo). 
I have a deep love for music.
Because of BSB, I have discovered a love for photography… and they are forever going to be my favorite band to photograph. I also found out that I love to write… fanfiction, original fiction, blogging. I also have traveled to places I only ever dreamed of, and made the best friends in the world. Have a deep love for Chris Evans, You know… Captain America. I won’t apologize if he’s accidentally on purpose included in my posts. 



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aj/BRIAN girl

33 // North Carolina
(born and raised) // Cat Mom 
I’m a newlywed who has absolutely nothing in common with her husband, especially musical tastes. I am and have always been, an A-Rok girl. ‘Have It All’ should have been released in the US.


nick + HOWIE girl

My name is Dawn, and I am a counselor working with kids in Key West, Florida. I also am a professor of Counseling and have my doctorate. I always loved traveling, but the last few years, I loved getting to travel to see BSB and make new friends. I have always been a Nick girl and will always be, but Howie has wiggled his way into my heart. 


this could be you!



I have been a fan of the Backstreet Boys since 1997 when I first heard them on the radio singing “Quit Playin Games With My Heart.” Coincidentally, that’s the same year my best friend and I met and bonded over our love of the boys. Twenty-four years later and we still talk all things Backstreet daily. Over the years, my love of the boys has brought so many new and wonderful people into my life and created friendships and experiences I never could’ve dreamed. In my non-BSB time, my husband and I chase my young kids around wherever they may go and work as a psychologist and educator.



nick girl

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