Three @BackstreetBoys songs we wish were in the DNA setlist

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Let’s start by saying the DNA Tour is already going down as one of our absolute favorites all-around for the Backstreet Boys. The set list has a strong mix of old school nostalgia combined with some new favorites from the 2019 DNA album, leaving all of us to scream our heads off after each and every song!

But, now that the boys are headed around the world again, wouldn’t it be refreshing to see a little shake up in the set list?! (Especially for those of us that have seen the show before!)

We want to share with you three songs that we’d LOVE to see added to the DNA Setlist.

In a World Like This

We love this one and ALL of the energy it brings to the entire crowd! Between the guitar strumming, opportunity for clapping along, and the smiles the boys each seem to share at any live performance of it, we’d love to see this one added to the list ASAP!


Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of

We both took a mental picture right before the DNA show started when we saw them in Chicago last year. And what do we remember from that specific moment? THIS was our happy place. Incredible music, fans that loved it as much as we did, and a break away from the “real world” for two hours. This song would fit perfectly in the set to give that inspiration to fans right before the encore! Give us some SEWYMO before “I Want It That Way”, “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” and “Larger Than Life” and fans will have their hearts even more filled with love walking out of those venue doors than they do now!


Medley of Classic Solos from Each Backstreet Boy

So, we know they kind of do this for the tour right now as a sneak peek to the DNA songs. But, wouldn’t it be fun to bring in a few lines from older songs that feature their incredible voices, too?! We’d imagine this being when they’re standing in front of their thousands of fans as a group, giving those adoring concert goers a glimpse back into what made them fall in love with being a Backstreet Boys fan years ago:

  • Nick – “I Need You Tonight”
  • Brian – “Darlin’”
  • AJ – “No One Else Comes Close”
  • Howie – “How Did I Fall in Love With You?”
  • Kevin – “Back To Your Heart”


And, as an added little bonus, since we know going over TWO HOURS for a show is next to impossible (although, selfishly, we’d love it!), here are a few songs we’d swap out in order to add the songs above:


  • Undone
  • Incomplete
  • The One
  • More Than That


Oh, and we wouldn’t hate if a few of those DNA songs were a bit longer, too! (We’re looking at you, “Passionate”)  😉

Let us know your thoughts! Do you agree? Are there songs we missed that you’d love to see added in or swapped out?!


  1. Jenna

    I think (and I support the decision, because I love Brian) that a lot of the songs that are chosen for the set list are done so with a view to supporting Brian and his voice for as long as possible. No way could he do another world tour if more demands were made of him vocally.

    This is us is my absolute favourite BSB song so that would get my vote

  2. Brianna

    Would love to hear Straight Through My Heart. It was the best song on the This Is Us album even though I loved the whole album except Undone I would for sure swap that song out. I don’t understand why they chose that song over Straight Throught My Heart. I would love to hear In A World Like This also. They ignored that whole album. Definitely wasn’t my favorite album but, that song was great!

  3. Margaret Nahmias

    I’d like to hear acapella version of If You Stay in its entirety. Anywhere For You with Nick’s more mature voice also in its entirety I’ll Be There For You a regional bonus track I discovered thanks to

    • Margaret Nahmias

      I’d swap out New Love and that whole Passionate bit

  4. James

    Passionate definitely deserves more time on the show, what a tune! New love is one of my least fav songs on DNA so would be happy to see that replaced with passionate.
    The medley is a good shout, but Kevin’s ‘Nobody but you’ from the 1st album. FUNKY!
    If I don’t have you has always been a fave, but doubt its a crowd pleaser…. likewise, unmistakable.
    I live in the UK so would gladly watch 2+ hours of show. DNA was incredible… 10 x better than the ‘This is us’ tour.


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