Video: @BackstreetBoys tease news about upcoming album, solo albums and cruise

by | Jun 27, 2015 | News, Videos

The “In A World Like This” tour may be wrapping up, but have no fear, fans will not be coming into Backstreet Coma and neither will the boys.

“We are getting in the studio when the tour wraps up,” Kevin Richardson said at the boys’ Mexico City soundcheck party. “We’ve got a couple of ideas of producers and directions we want to go in to work with.”

And to even tease more about when we can hear some of the new music – the upcoming 2016 Backstreet Boys cruise in Europe.

“It’s going to be a fantastic cruise,” Nick said before telling fans that fans on the cruise would be some of the first to hear the material.

AJ McLean also let fans in on a little news about his upcoming album.

“I’m pretty much done with my album, it’s been mastered. That is coming out in the next two weeks. The album will be out in October/November,” AJ said.

AJ said that he wanted to tour, but knew that Backstreet comes first.

“We know the number one priority is Backstreet, the album and tour for next year,” he said.

“I’ve got an album coming out too,” Nick chimed in.”It’s great too, seriously. We think it’s really cool to let each other go out and experience new things and bring back to the table.”

Nick said that the first single would likely come out in October with an album shortly after before teasing Howie Dorough about his upcoming solo release.

“I’m actually had the chance to experiment in a totally different direction,” Howie said. “I’ve decided to do a children’s CD and I recorded a bunch of songs with a gentlemen who is a great producer.”

According to Howie, the album is basically the story of a boy who is growing up in a mutli-national family.   One of the songs was based on his time with the Backstreet Boys called “Which One Am I?”

Kevin also discussed his upcoming release “Cover Story,” which is an album of cover songs that he has been teasing periodically on Twitter.

The Q&A which features the boys talking about the new album, the cruise and their solo albums starts about 8 minutes into the video.  Oh and they perform “I Promise You.”


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