Thoughts: Hey @BackstreetBoys, you should totally drop a surprise album!

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Imagine waking up from a good night’s sleep, picking up your phone and seeing this headline: “Backstreet Boys release surprise album.”

Imagine how excited you would be if you woke up to that. I would practically scream.

Artists do it all the time. Remember last year when people woke up to find out that the Jonas Brothers were back, had a brand-new song, a brand new tour, and a brand new life given to all of us? Beyonce released a whole album and video album without any word of promotion given ahead of time.

Eminem just did the same with the release of his new album this past Friday.

While we understand that promotion is everything, the music business has been trying to figure out a new model the last 15 years and some even question whether surprise album drops even still work after Beyonce and Jay Z’s joint album didn’t go to number one, but 5 Seconds of Summer, who had a great marketing campaign, did.

Still, dropping a surprise album is still a good way of marketing, because it will have everybody talking.

But really, deep down, we are fans who love their favorite band.

The Backstreet Boys are really good about teasing new things. Remember the teases to “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart?” The guys dancing in darkness in front of those bright lights in quick flashes?

But how about when they dropped that “I Want It That Way (Reimagined)” version on the 20th anniversary of “I Want It That Way?”

While I personally love getting advance notice of things, there is a part of me that wants to wake up during the middle of the night to see that I have 12 or 15 new songs that I had no idea existed when I shut my eyes a few hours before to go to sleep.

How do you feel? Let us know below!

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