10 reasons why Nick and Knight is a good combination

by | Jul 18, 2014 | Top Lists

Many people might question it – why is Nick Carter and Jordan Knight working together on a new project? Why wasn’t it Joey and Brian? Or AJ and Donnie?

What many may not know, Nick and Jordan really hit it off on the NKOTBSB tour and Nick is a Jordan girl.

Let’s look at 10 reasons why Nick and Knight is a good combination:


1. Jordan likes to take his shirt off. Thus, being a good influence on Nick so he can take his off. 

2. They like to be goofy together.

3. Jordan likes to do funny videos, thus hopefully influencing Nick to bring back “Nick’s Corner.”

4. Jordan likes to get dirty. Maybe Nick will try to out dirty him.

5. Maybe Brian Littrell will get jealous of the Nick & Knight bromance and bring some Frick and Frack back.

6.  Maybe Nick will end up singing “Give It To You” on stage during the concert with Jordan.

Anyone can make you sweat… but I… can keep you wet.

7. Both are social media savvy… so we get lots of time with them, even online. And maybe Jordan will start doing fan club chats with Nick.

8. Jordan’s stylish and always well-prepared appearance is already rubbing off on Nick. 

9.  Maybe Nick can teach Jordan his special dancing skills.

10. Most importantly… maybe Nick and Knight is the best hope that one day NKOTBSB will come back.

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