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Class 5: Getting Social: The Ins and Outs of Facebook Fan Pages

A lot of people don’t realize it, but Facebook was created originally for college students. It was not meant for your Mom, your Dad, your Grandmother, or that teacher you had in second grade who wants to be friends with you and keeps requesting. Alas, everybody is on Facebook, which makes having a kick-ass Facebook page a big deal.

Our Favorite Instagram Posts from @BackstreetBoys in 2019!

Our Favorite Instagram Posts from @BackstreetBoys in 2019!

My how times have changed since we started “following” these guys back in the 90’s! Back then, the closest you could get to real-time updates from the boys was getting a glimpse of them in the TRL Studios. Now, we’re lucky enough to be able to “follow” them in a different way — on Instagram!

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