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Due to circumstances, Jen has decided to no longer to be a part of the site anymore, which is a sad loss to us. Jen is an awesome person, a wonderful wife and mother, who loves to plank and loves the Backstreet Boy.

I deleted her opinion post today after being busy at work and hearing the drama that was starting online. I have never told anybody on this site what they could and could not post, but I used my judgement to delete it because frankly, I was at work and didn’t have time to deal with anything going on. I trust the people who post on this site. I trust Jen.

Sometimes people lose their cool, especially when they are insulted online. I’ve been in the situation plenty of times. I’ve done a lot of what Jen posted about in her post. I’m known as a well-rounded witch in this fandom by most and have never denied that.

But this site is something that I take seriously. There is no competition with anyone else. This isn’t TMZ. This isn’t MTV, E! or VH1. This isn’t solely a Nick Carter site. This isn’t solely a Backstreet Boys site. We do not post every piece of news that there is and try to come up with original content. Jen was a huge part of that so her leaving the site because of today’s festivities is a big loss for us. I do not want her to leave the site but because of backslash of her opinion, she has decided to.

If you look at any magazine or newspaper, there are opinion pieces that do not necessarily reflect the views of the newspaper, magazine or website. That’s how our opinion pieces are… or were. ¬†There will no longer be Opinion pieces allowed on the site unless it’s something related to one of the boys, their music, a concert, etc.

So for anybody that was insulted today, the site apologizes. That’s not the purpose of this site.

P.S. Sorry if this is a little scattered, I was involved in a car accident tonight, therefore, I’m scattered brained. Thanks.

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