Brian Littrell released Welcome Home on May 2, 2006. I bought a “few” copies the day it went on sale. I’m the type of person who likes a copy of a CD at work and a copy at home. I always feared I would forget to either take it to work or bring it home at the end of the day.

I am very biased when it comes to who sings lead vocal on Backstreet Boys music. I prefer songs Brian sings lead over the other boys. Please don’t hate me. I’ve always felt this way. So having a solo CD of just Brian could not have come at a better time in my life. I was going through personal HELL. After years of struggling with depression and self loathing I turned to music to help cope with my emotions. I already said I was not a fan of “Never Gone” so having a solo release of just Brian was a dream come true for this “Brian girl”.  

I will admit I can’t listen to “Gone Without Goodbye” and not imagine all the loved ones lost during the 9-11 attack. But I personally think I was never given the chance to say goodbye to my Grams. She was my rock, the person I went to when I needed help. Sadly I lost her on Christmas Eve 2003. She loved to listen to the Backstreet Boys music whenever I played it. She knew Brian was my favorite. Heck… being honest EVERYONE knew. 

Brian’s “Jesus Loves You” is acapella. Any time the boys or just one of them sings acapella it has my attention. Brian sounds AMAZING and the background vocals compliment him. And when you hear little Baylee start and end the song… you can’t help but smile and know he has become a talented young man.

My favorite song of Welcome Home is “I’m Alive”. This song gave me strength. It made me find my faith again. I had to trust in God that things happen for a reason. THIS is why I’m still here.

I lived a lot of life

I caught a dream or two

It’s been a sweet ride

But I’ve faced my share of nights

Searched like we all do

Looking inside

Now I’m standing here

‘Cause you’ve made it clear

When I saw the Backstreet Boys in 2008 on the Unbreakable tour, I was overwhelmed when Brian sang “Welcome Home (You)”. I loved the video to this song. I mean, who doesn’t love Brian with a guitar? Or seeing Leighanne and a very cute curly hair Baylee? I also loved that this video was played on several video genre stations. I saw it on CMT and VH1. 

I’m just gonna say a few words about “Grace of My LIfe”. Brian wrote this song for Leighanne. It’s the most BEAUTIFUL song on this CD. So thankful that Brian and Leighanne met during the making of “As Long As You Love Me”. 

Now that I have come back to the Backstreet Boys fandom, I appreciate Brian’s music even more. When I have bad days, you will find me with my “Brian playlist” playing. It includes some of my favorite Brian lead vocal songs as well as the songs I’ve listed above from Welcome Home. 

Happy Birthday @Brian_Littrell: ‘Welcome Home’ possibly saved my life in 2006




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  1. Margaret Nahmias says:

    Now secular artists are guests on Christian songs. That probably wouldn’t have happened without this reverse crossover. I hadn’t been listening to Backstreet boys either at the time but I still remembered him and got the album.

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