Personal: FML … My new car was totaled and I have a concussion

by | Aug 12, 2018 | Personal, Thoughts

A week after starting my new job, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE by the way, I got in a wreck on my way to work. 

And my brand new car, which had 1,500 miles on it that I got in May, was totaled.

I can’t go too into it because I got a lawyer, but the person that hit me didn’t have a license. I ended up going to work after getting a rental but had a headache and that following Saturday found out I had a concussion.

I was just so pissed off. I JUST got that car and it was the first real car that was solely in my name, you know? I named the car Carter. I LOVED IT. I had only got to make ONE car payment on it! ONE!

Me and “Carter” the day I got him in May.

So the past week I was driving a rental and yesterday Julia came to pick me up after dropping the rental off and I went and picked up my new car. My second new car in two months.

“Kevin” is the same kind of car, a 2018 Toyota Corolla LE, but is Sand Pearl Black, where “Carter” was Barcelona Red. I couldn’t face getting another red car because I loved it so much.

I go back to the doctor in the morning because I’ve been having such bad headaches and my neck is killing me, so that’s why I haven’t been doing much online besides getting used to my new work schedule. I had all these plans to work on the site this weekend but I’ve been feeling sick all weekend with my head.

But, I love my new job. I hate ignorant drivers who don’t know how to drive. I also hate thirsty bitches who are only out for themselves.

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