ICYMI: Fan Of The Moment… Meet Michelle @Mimsterfunkz

by | May 11, 2015 | Personal


Our First Fan Of the Moment is Michelle Zorrilla from Toronto Canada!

Here is a little bit of her story .

Q) How and when did you become a Backstreet Boys Fan?

A). I became a fan of the backstreet boys since I was 10 years and found out about them by watching their video of “we’ve got it going on” . I absolutely loved the beat, dance moves and of course the hotness the boys brought in it. From then I loved them more and more.

Q) What was your first concert experience?

A). My first concert experience was in 1997 at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. I was too young to skip school and lineup to buy tickets so my mom actually went to ticket master at 5am and waited there to buy me tickets. It was such an amazing experience and just having the opportunity to seeing them live was pure awesomeness.

Q) Who in the group is your Favorite?

A) I’ve honestly had different favorites in all the years I’ve adored them but now I simply love them all. They all have something unique about them. Especially watching the movie, it makes me respect and love each of them more and more. They are all so amazing and down to earth, it would be so hard to chose one! They are all the perfect package!

Q) What is your favorite album?

A).I would have to say millennium and black and blue, those were the main albums I would listen to with my Dad when he was alive. We would sing our hearts out to these albums and memories like that I keep close to my heart because Bsb was something my dad and I shared with. Makes me tear up when I listen to those albums because I can just hear my dad song along with me in my heart and mind .

What is your favorite song?

5. Favorite song is Shape Of my heart, it’s because it was a song my dad and I sang together and it was my dad’s favorite song so it always reminds me of him.

Q) what is your least favorite song

A) My Least favorite song would have to be most of their songs from Unbreakable. I was happy with all their albums but this one didn’t really get me going like the other ones did but can’t say I hate it. Just didn’t get my groove on lol!

Want to be our next “Fan Of The Moment” or know someone who should featured email us your story at botbfan@yahoo.com and you could be next!


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