Review: “@HowieD: Back In The Day” is a damn good time

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Concert Reviewer, Exclusives, Howie Dorough, Opinion, Review

To say I was excited about this play is an understatement since it was going to be in my home city! As it got closer I admit I was worried that we had overhyped and no matter how good it was, the play and my city couldn’t hold up! But I am proud to say I was oh so wrong!

The play was AMAZING and Omaha showed what it has to offer in a great way, overall a huge success! So let me tell you why this play needs to continue beyond its stay in Omaha and why Omaha is a great place for a fun weekend!

The play was adorable, well-acted, sweet, funny, sad, the songs are so catchy and the singing is perfect!

I was blown away by the talent on the stage! All the actors had amazing voices and clearly had a lot of experience in musical theatre! The songs have been stuck in my head since the first show (fingers crossed we can get a CD of the show’s songs!).

Along with those darn monsters (that’s my sad attempt at a joke????). It is quick-paced so you don’t get bored, the story evolution is well done and the message it wanted to send is clear: be yourself no matter what.

Of course, each of us probably will take a little something different from this play. The bottom line is no matter the age you will enjoy yourself and have fun.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had and how much I got into the story. I’m not big on plays, especially musicals but I thoroughly enjoyed every second. It was fun and light-hearted with a few jokes only the adults will get (get out your trapper keeper!)

The biggest surprise was the talent of the cast! ( Of course, I knew Howie was!) I could tell immediately they were all professional and immensely talented. Their voices were beautiful and each song was sung with passion.
I still can’t believe that this all is taking place in my city and while I love it here I wasn’t sure how others would take to Omaha.

There is a lot more to offer here than just cold weather! I was happy to see friends enjoying the zoo and taking in the amazing food! All in all I think many found Omaha to be charming and fun and the perfect place for Howie’s show to start!

I think we will all try to be B.E.T.TE.R at being best for the rest of our lives.

In the end, I can’t say enough about this play,I went in expecting a cute play but what I saw was way more than that. Thank you Howie for sharing this story and making magic on the stage.

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