Opinion: If only people cared more… the world would be a better place

by | Aug 30, 2014 | Opinion

First off, I will say that I’m guilty of this, so when I speak about this, I’m also in a way talking about myself in some situations.

There have been a lot of contests going on online, some to win a spot in the audience of a television show for Nick & Knight, winning party tickets, etc. People have to basically pimp themselves out to try and win a spot and I’ve seen many do it. I’ve even tweeted for another fan to help them get the spot.

I see Jen tweet and work so hard on her charity and fundraisers that it’s disappointing when trying to make the world a better place isn’t such a big deal. People care more about trying to get close to one of the boys, any of the boys, more than trying to raise money and awareness for a cause that really has touched a lot of us – cancer. While no one in my family has had cancer, that I’m aware of, I’ve had friends that had it.

My friend Michelle, another BSB fan, actually had her head shaved on the 2011 cruise because she was just undergoing chemo for cancer.

Cancer has touched ALL of our lives.

I just feel that we should be ashamed of ourselves, yes, even myself, when we care more about the boys and tweeting constantly trying to win a contest to see someone that you’re already going to see three or four times within a few days time, when there are more important things in the world.

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