Opinion: BREAKING NEWS: Nick Carter is human

by | Jul 6, 2014 | Opinion

Sure, that’s a sarcastic title, but after some of the things I’ve seen on Twitter the past two days made me realize that some fans go too far sometimes.

Nick is known for making interesting subtweets on Instagram sometime and most of the time it’s about him having to, well, fart, or pee or take a dump. It’s Nick. That’s who he is.

On Saturday he made some interesting tweets which sent the fandom in an UPROAR about how he was quitting the band, or how he hates Europe, or how his marriage is over… you name it, it was said.

Today, after arriving in London, I guess Nick checked Twitter to see that fans were freaking out and said that it was just about having to leave Lauren. Some people already guessed that (most of the sane fans). He’s a newlywed and they’ve spent more time apart since getting married than being together. What do you expect people?

Did Nick know what he was doing? Who knows. It’s Nick. If he thought it was going to cause a shit storm about him leaving the band, he probably wouldn’t have said it in such a subtweeting way.

But seeing fans, some longtime fans, cussing him out (and not in a joking manner) and just being down right mean, what the hell? Because he missed his wife? Do any of you subtweet anything? Sure you do. Whether you admit it or not, EVERYBODY subtweets at something. Nick subtweeted.

Did he cause WWIII? Did he cause a mass execution of fans? No.

He was expressing his feelings like he is supposed to do because he is a human being. The problem is that 85% of the fandom is made of people who think the worst, think they know everything, or are just so bitter than he married someone they don’t like that they have to lash out at Nick.

Like Lauren a lot of the time, he can’t win for losing. I feel sorry for him sometimes because we, as his fans, should be there to support him, not tear him down.

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