#BoyBandWeek Poll Results: @BackstreetBoys come out on top, obviously

by | Jul 17, 2015 | News


The Backstreet Boys walked away with three of the top awards in Billboard’s #BoyBandWeek Polls. But really, did you expect any less?

Backstreet Boys walked away with Video (“Everybody”), Single (“I Want It That Way”) and Album (“Millennium). ‘NSync walked away with the Boy Band That Needs to Make A Comeback.

One Direction walked away by a landslide with the most “Overrated Boy Band” award, although Backstreet Boys came in second place with ‘N Sync coming in second. We sure that was voted on by Westlife and New Kids on the Block fans. We kid. We kid.

Check out all the results below and remember, as always, Backstreet’s got the special effects… uh.

Favorite Boy Band Album

1. Backstreet Boys, Millennium (24.9%)
2. One Direction, Four (22.9%)
3. One Direction, Midnight Memories (10.1%)

Favorite Boy Band Single

1. Backstreet Boys, “I Want It That Way” (17.9%)
2. One Direction, “Steal My Girl” (12.6%)
3. One Direction, “Best Song Ever” (10.5%)

Most Underrated Boy Band

1. Westlife (18.6%)
2. The Wanted (14.1%)
3. 98 Degrees (13%)

Most Overrated Boy Band

1. One Direction (47.5%)
2. Backstreet Boys (15.5%)
3. *N SYNC (13.6%)

Coolest Former Boy Band Member

1. Zayn Malik (43.4%)
2. Justin Timberlake (25.9%)
3. Robbie Williams (8.2%)

Boy Band That Needs To Make a Comeback

1. *N SYNC (46.4%)
2. The Wanted (15.7%)
3. 5ive (13.8%)

Favorite Boy Band Music Video

1. Backstreet Boys, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” (22.8%)
2. One Direction, “Best Song Ever” (21.7%)
3. One Direction, “Steal My Girl” (11.4%)

Best Decade for Boy Bands

1. 1990s (44.2%)
2. 2010s (31.7%)
3. 2000s (18.2%)

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