The summer just flew by. I didn’t even get to enjoy it. No swimming, no picnics at the park and certainly no drinking while sitting by the fire lol. I was still on a strong regimen of antibiotics. 

I was scheduled to fly to Pittsburgh, PA on Friday September 13th. What I did not tell Melly or Karah at the time was I had yet to be “approved” to fly. I was seeing my doctor just a few days before. I was hoping to be discharged from his care, but I knew it was “not possible” until I was completely healed from my surgery. Thank goodness I was approved to fly!!! Backstreet Boys here I come. 

Chloe and Kevin seem to already have a connection even though they have never met. Chloe even named her baby doll “baby Kevin”. I took a video of Chloe one morning before school. She started saying “Hello Kevin” and continued taking to Kevin, Nick and finally Brian. I tried so hard not to laugh and make my phone shake while recording. I love how Chloe shows affection for Kevin. It melts my heart and makes me happy we share a bond over the boys. 

As I packed for my 48 hour getaway, I had this idea to give Kevin a “thank you” gift. I know the rules of no gifts during M&G, but this was small enough to fit in my pocket and “sneak in”. I had Chloe autograph one of her school pictures so I could give it to Kevin. 


September 13, 2019 and I was just landing at the Pittsburgh International Airport. Karah and I made arrangements to fly into Pittsburgh about the same time. She was flying in from Atlanta, GA.

Melly had already arrived a day prior to spend extra time with her bestie Medina who lives in Pittsburgh. I ran from my gate to Karah’s gate with just a few minutes to spare before her plane landed.

As soon as I saw Karah I started crying. Karah and I had already been through so much together without even meeting. It was so nice to finally meet and hug. We both needed the hug. It had been a long summer for both of us. We had plans to meet up and see the Lion King with Melly and Medina, but plans fell through when I lost my baggage. No change of clothes for the theater, so staying at the hotel and eating pizza was our best option. 

Karah and I had M&G with Baylee Littrell as well as VIP with the boys. I was so excited to meet this talented young man. I love his music. I’ll talk more about Baylee in another post soon. While waiting to see Baylee, I saw Melly and Medina standing in line outside the venue. I ran outside and was again crying before hugging both Melly and Medina. It was a quick hug but we were together again for meet and greet with the boys. 

We all had our sashes so I wanted a group picture. This is where the waterworks flowed. I couldn’t help myself. After a solo picture with the boys each girl came in one at a time until each boy had “their girl”. I had already given Kevin Chloe’s picture. He thanked me for it and put it in his jacket pocket. 

After a little small talk with the boys, it was time for us to squeeze together for the picture. I think one picture was taken before Kevin spoke up. “Wait, we need Chloe in the picture”. He pulled out Chloe’s picture and held it while more pictures were taken. Multiple pictures because I had started to cry and my eyes were shut. God love Justin.. he did get a good one. 

After surviving another meet and greet it was time to chill in the DNA lounge. I finally got to relax and spend time with these beautiful ladies. 

After the AMAZING show, we headed across the way to the Official After Party. This was like NO party I’ve ever been to. I hate to say this, but being with AJ and Howie doesn’t make me nervous. I was so relaxed and comfortable with them being literally in my face. So comfortable that I wanted a kiss from each of them. Even though my face was red, I asked for “the Melly pose”. 

I had the best weekend of my life. It was very hard to say good-bye as I watched Karah board her flight home. I didn’t know when I would see her again. Time would only tell. 


This is a part of an ongoing series from Stephanie about how the Backstreet Boys changed her life. 

Changing Lives: @BackstreetBoys … it’s in her DNA




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