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Twenty years ago today, true love came together as one in marriage and that was the marriage of Kevin and Kristin Richardson. 

They are literally the first Man and Lady of Backstreet Boys. Kristin has been there since the beginning and through the ups and downs of relationships on the road, to starting a family, the Richardsons have stuck together to create such a beautiful family and life together. 

And let’s just say it … Kristin is perfection.

“When I found Kevin and Kristin we’re engaged, I cried,” Andie said. “Not because my pipe dream was over, but because I was so happy for them. Kristin is amazing and I couldn’t picture with Kevin with anyone else. I know they’ve had their ups and downs but they seem to make it work and love each other no matter what. Wishing them many more years of happiness and love. P.S. Attaching this pic of a super smiley Andie when she first got to meet the queen herself.”

“Kevin is one lucky man! As far as I’m concerned, Kristin is THE standard,” Brittany added. “She has been around from the beginning, she has been here for the ride, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a smile on her face. I love their relationship and may we all be so fortunate to have a long-lasting true partnership like theirs.”

“Kevin and Kristin are my favorite couple of the group. I have yet to meet Kristin, but I have an emotional connection to her,” Stephanie said. “I had not been following the boys but I remember reading the People Magazine article about Kevin talking about their infertility. I have been through the IVF and artificial fertilization (it’s how I conceived Chloe). I LOVE how Kevin spoke about supporting his beautiful wife through it all. I would like to wish the couple a Happy 20th Anniversary.”

So to Kevin and Kristin .. our King and Queen … From us here at BSBFangirls, have a happy 20th anniversary. 

Check out this video from three years ago today where Kevin brought Kristin up on stage during “Shape of My Heart” in Vegas. 

Happy 20th anniversary @KevinRichardson and @KristinKayPhoto!




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  1. Rita says:

    Happy 20th anniversary to my favorite couple ♥️♥️♥️♥️🎂 I love you Kevin and Kristin. Wish you many mores to come

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