When I left Las Vegas it was so hard to say good-bye to my friend that I shared my hotel room with. We had very little time to spend together as I had M&G for both Friday and Saturday shows. YES… I found a way to fly out a day earlier than planned and seen the last 2 show of the Larger Than Life residency. In fact, I was the final meet & greet on Saturday, April 27th. 

When I got home I didn’t experience any PCD (post concert depression) this time. I knew I was seeing the Backstreet Boys in Detroit on August 12, 2019 on the DNA World Tour. I was so excited. I had DNA Circle with VIP M&G. I also had a trip planned to see the tour in Pittsburgh, PA where I planned to meet so many more online friends. I chose to see the boys in Pittsburgh for a few reasons, but #1 was meeting fellow team member Melly. 

Melly and I posted and commented on each others post a few times, but it wasn’t until one day I read a tweet on Twitter that opened my eyes. I was NOT alone. I didn’t have to keep my feelings to myself about my marriage. To be honest with you all… it’s not good. No abuse or violence, but no LOVE between us. I love my daughter with every ounce of my body (which is A LOT). I said earlier in a post, I believe in my marriage vows. For better, for worse. 

I don’t think a day has gone by since I sent Melly a DM through Twitter that we have not talked. She has been my rock, my friend and my biggest supporter these days. Melly was one of just a few people in the fandom I told I had to have surgery this past summer. It was a surgery I was looking forward to and needed to be healthy again. My doctor PROMISED me I would have my surgery and be recovered in time to see the boys in Detroit, MI. We even discussed that during my 1st consultation. I scheduled the surgery the 1st Monday my daughter was out of school for the summer. It was exactly 7 weeks until the concert. The surgery I was having had a recovery time of 6 weeks, so my doctor was pretty confident I would be “just fine”. 

Surgery was successful. I was in and out of the hospital in 4 days. 

I was feeling good while I was staying at my mom’s and being well taken care of. I was only at home for 1 day when I started to feel sick. I had a fever… a high fever which meant I had to go back to the hospital and be admitted. 3 days of antibiotics and I was on the mend. Another week goes by and I continue to have issues with a fever and swelling. Back to the hospital ER. Was treated in the ER and admitted for overnight observation. At this point, my doctor was telling me I was just having minor setbacks, but nothing was keeping me from seeing the Backstreet Boys. She even said it in the presence of my mom who already told me she doubted I would be going. I was discharged home and after being on antibiotics for 2 full weeks I was showing improvement. My doctor had told me she was going on a two-week cruise and wanted to hear all about the concert when she returned. I was feeling better than I had in months. 

It was now August 7th… I woke up and was in a lot of pain and had a high fever. I remember calling my mom and crying saying I know I have to go to the ER. She rushed me back to the hospital and I was the sickest I’ve been. The doctor covering for my own was so nice and knew what I had been through already. A little birdie must have told her about my concert. She came into the room and talked to my mom and I. She explained how sick I was and what the treatment was going to be. I won’t get into that much detail, but I was going to be admitted and would not be discharged until at least Tuesday, August 13th, the day after the BSB concert. 

I was devastated. I was sick and there was nothing I could do about it. This is where my fanmily steps up to the plate and makes sure I’m taken care of. I had to sell my DNA Circle ticket. A friendship that I had for almost a year was fractured beyond repair over this decision that was out of my control. I have never “spoken” to this person since August 8th when I told her I could not go. I wasn’t even going to be out of the hospital, but she didn’t understand the severity of how sick I really was. 

Within just a few hours of posting my ticket for sale, I had a buyer at full price. I didn’t charge for any of the dreaded Ticketmaster fees that I had paid. Straight up cost of the ticket. This is when I knew who my real friends were. I heard from so many about how sorry to hear I wasn’t able to be in Detroit to meet them in person. 

I had my computer with me each time I was admitted so I was always chatting with someone. Most of the time it was Melly or Karah. Since I wasn’t seeing the boys in Detroit, I wanted my trip to Pittsburgh to be special. I was no longer taking my friend. I had an extra front row ticket and didn’t want it to go to waste. So I had this CRAZY idea to invite Karah to Pittsburgh. Yes she had already seen the show 2x before I asked her, but she agreed to come anyways. I had never met Karah either at this point. So… now I was crossing my fingers I would be healthy enough to fly to Pittsburgh to see the Backstreet Boys and meet Melly and Karah the same weekend. These two along with a few others I have yet to meet are the true VIPs of the Backstreet Boys fandom. These girls are the ones to “Lift Me Up”. 


This is a part of an ongoing series from Stephanie about how the Backstreet Boys changed her life. 

Changing Lives: Backstreet Boys “Lift Me Up”




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