Ask The Fangirls: How do you prepare for a @BackstreetBoys after party?

by | Feb 15, 2020 | Ask The Fangirl, Backstreet Boys

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Question: I’ve been to a Backstreet Boys after-party once and found it to be a little overwhelming at first. What kind of advice would you give a first-timer to prepare them for this experience and pointers to make it more enjoyable? – Adina




Make sure you have as much ready to go beforehand/have a schedule (time to be there, address, parking, outfit, etc) so you don’t feel added pressure the night of when you’re running around. Once you’re at the after party, just relax and let loose! Let things happen naturally and enjoy yourself!


Every AP is different. BUT if you go in without expectations, you’ll always be overwhelmed. ???? There is so much to be said for creating your own party/happiness and letting the Boys be the icing on the cake.


My 1st after party was just as overwhelming as yours I’m sure. ????

But I had a great time in Pittsburgh. Unlike the AP in Las Vegas when you didn’t know which of the Boys were going to show up, I knew it was AJ & Howie. I was prepared to see them up close and personal. I went with a big group and I let them “lead the way”. Next time go with friends that have been to one before and they can help you relax and enjoy yourself more. Sorry the after party was overwhelming. I’m sure next time will be much better.


My first BSB after party was in 2013 since I decided to go to a NKOTB after party instead of Nick and Howie’s during NKOTBSB. Don’t tell Nick. It can be a little crazy and a little overwhelming, but it’s like the cruise, you can’t go in with any expectations because you will probably hate the experience because what you wanted to happen didn’t happen. Go in, have a good time seeing your boys, with your friends, and just go with the flow. Sometimes you might get a selfie with one of the boys or sometimes you might end up on stage with Howie wanting to booty dance with you.


My advice is to go in with an open mind and no expectations. Try not to compare to what others have shared about their experiences because every after party is different. Use it as an opportunity to have a night with your girls, get a couple drinks and dance, and if you’re lucky, it’ll be accompanied by your favorite guy, but either way, not many get the opportunity to “go clubbing” with members of BSB! Just let your hair down and enjoy.


I would say not to have any expectations and just go with the flow. If you have expectations, they likely won’t happen and that’ll ruin your night. Have a blast seeing the guys and your friends!


Go in with NO expectations at all.

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