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As I write this, the song “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” plays in my head.

Prior to flying to Las Vegas alone on April 26, 2019, I made a few friends online. For the last weekend of the Larger Than Life residency, I was able to purchase a VIP table. It wasn’t front and center but it was still at the stage. I posted on the Official Backstreet Boys Fan Club Facebook page and sold my extra seats.

I sold one to a friend who was flying in from Orlando. We had not met yet, but I offered her to stay with me in my hotel room. Not that I was scared to stay alone… but it did make my family feel better. We had talked so much on messenger it felt like I was no longer meeting a stranger. We had become such good friends. 

I knew SO many of my online friends were going to be in Vegas this weekend. I couldn’t wait to meet everyone. I’m not good at taking pictures or asking for a picture but I was lucky to get a few. Here’s my favorite with Jodi. 

Meet and greet as you know did not go well my 1st time. I was much more relaxed this time. I knew what to expect. Also.. someone knew I was coming. 

I was able to meet so many people while hanging out in the BSB VIP lounge. I had been friends with fellow team member Andie online only. I was happy to finally meet the resident “Kevin girl”. I also met a few friends from overseas. That was special since probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. While waiting in line again to meet the Backstreet Boys I less emotional until I checked my Twitter notifications. Kevin had just liked a tweet from over a week ago. It must have been his way of letting me know… this M&G was going to be my “do-over”.

I said Hi to each of the boys, but when it came to Kevin he knew who I was and that’s when I had to split my heart between Brian and Kevin. Today the ratio is 51/49 Brian still my main man, but Kevin keeps trying. ‘

After leaving Las Vegas, I knew the friends I had just made were slowly becoming my FANMILY. I couldn’t wait for my next adventure… stay tuned. 


This is a part of an ongoing series from Stephanie about how the Backstreet Boys changed her life. 

Changing Lives: You’ve Got A Friend In Me Thanks to Backstreet Boys




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