#AskTheFangirl: Las Vegas, #BSBCruise2018 and “This Is Us”

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So I’m here with another edition of Ask the Fangirl – the first of 2018 – and there’s a lot to talk about, so let’s just get started.

Karah, do you think it’s better to be in the pit for Vegas for BSB or in a regular seat? Thanx

I had both when I went to Las Vegas last June, so it really depends on the person. I would say that if you want close to the guys, get pit tickets. But then again, if you get a table or either the front row of a regular section, you’re still gonna be hella close. So if you don’t mind a crowded pit, go with the pit. If you’re short or don’t like dealing with people up on your ass, get a regular seat.

You said you weren’t going on the cruise are you now? – Amanda

Yes! I am going on the cruise. I’ll be rooming with one of my best friends Mara (who I’ve roomed with on the cruise twice before) and I’m hella excited and thankful to be going. You guys really don’t know how thankful I am.  I’m hoping to do more cruise stuff here on the site and will be heading over to Kim’s place in February sometime for a special BSB Cruise Vlog. She lives here in Atlanta, too, so ATL will be presenting on the cruise as always!

What are ur personal thoughts on the cruise themes that we have so far?

I FREAKIN’ LOVE THEM! I’m a big fan of the cruise themes that we have so far. I think they are PERFECT for the 25th anniversary cruise. I already have my outfit ideas, especially for high school night, and I’m like 90 percent sure I know what I’m doing for ’90s night.

I saw ur video and like you I was so sad that Jack died on This Is Us. How do you think it happened?

[AdSense-A] SPOILER ALERTS: What I think happened? I think Jack got everybody out of the house and I think he went back in for Kate’s dog. I think that’s why Kate was having such trouble with adopting Audio. The last episode focused on Jack and the dog some, with Jack telling the dog to agree with Kate when they had the argument or with him leaning over to pet him before going to bed.



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