5 reasons why @NickCarter’s “19 in ’99” music video gives me all the feels

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, Nick Carter, Pop Music, Top Lists

The brand new video from Nick Carter, “19 in ’99,” has become one of my favorite videos by my favorite Backstreet Boy. Sure, “I Got You” will always hold a special place in my heart, but now that he and I are both turning 36 this year (he did in January and I will in July), it’s nice to look back at when we were young.

It’s hard to believe he and I were 19-years-old 15 years ago.

And the entire video has taken me back to when the only thing I was worried about was what I was going to do with the rest of my life.

Here’s five times Nick Carter’s new video gave me the “feels.”

1. All white

The whole white “I Want It That Way” throwback is nothing but heaven in my eyes (pun intended). Plus when AJ is looking in the window was pretty damn classic also.

2. The oversized jerseys and bling

This is the real throwback when it comes to Nick – the jersey, the bling, slicked back hair, trying to be all thug. Remember ghetto fab Nick Carter?


3. Cigar

This reminds me of the boat races in Sarasota in 2003 where after my friend and I told Nick goodbye and he left our hotel (for whatever reason he was doing there) and he came back by with a cigar in his mouth and I told him to stop stalking me. LOL!

4. The socks and shorts

Remember back when Nick wore the fugly shirts that everybody called them and the socks up to his knees with shorts? This part of the video was a complete throwback to that. I’m surprised he didn’t have his camo pants on!


While we never really saw Nick dress like Kurt Cobain before, he always always always talked about his love for Nirvana back in 1999. And really, him tucking his hair behind his ears is just, damn.

I mean really, Nick outdid himself this time. He can finally poke fun of himself and it’s just an amazing video that’s fun with a hella catchy song.

And I hope Nick has a better security system than video Nick.

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