Opinion: Crossing The Line…

by | Jun 29, 2014 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Opinion

Admittedly I am a relatively new “fangirl”…and until recently I was just a “fitness girl”.

Now I’m thinking that perhaps I should have stayed that way…

I joined twitter a few years back to share my PlanksGiving fundraiser.  And while I have met so many wonderful people that have blessed my life, I have also encountered some things that my “positive planker at heart” is shocked and appalled at!

When has it become okay to hide behind computers/phones and just spew venom and hatred?  Just because you have a “fake name” and/or “fake avi” does that make it okay to say whatever you want?

Okay…I get it…freedom of speech!  I’m all for it…when used constructively.  But when used to spread negativity and for mindless venting at the expense of others…I start to see red!

The biggest targets seem to be the ones we claim that we love the most…celebrities.

Before you start in with the “they get payed the big bucks” and “they know what they signed up for” arguments, let me counter with “they are still human beings” and “we are still responsible for our own actions”.

What inspired this post tonight is the backlash to the cancellation of the Backstreet Boys show in Somerset.  Nick Carter was hospitalized for bronchitis and as a result they decided that the show could not go on.

Obviously fans that were looking forward to the show would be upset and disappointed!  I know I would be too.  However, isn’t the health and well being of a person…a human being…the most important thing?

What happens when you are sick?  Do you stay home from school?  Do you call out of work?  Or if you do go on, do you have to sing and dance for thousands of people after enduring “Meet and Greets” and before crazy “After Parties”? I think not!

As fans, we are on the outside looking in.  We don’t know exactly what is going down…and honestly…we don’t have the right.  The Backstreet Boys…or insert any group with 20+ years…have done a while lot RIGHT to be around for so long.  I think they are owed a little respect!

Yes…fans pay a lot of money…but the celebrities make sacrifices as well.

They sacrifice a “normal life”…or time with their families.  They sacrifice privacy that one may not treasure until it is gone.  For as much love as they receive, they also are subjected to attacks on their wives and innocent loved ones.  It can’t be easy!

I am just a girl from New Jersey who was inspired a few years back by a Backstreet Boy named Nick.  One could say he helped save my life and inspired me to fight and become the person I was meant to be. I have heard similar stories from many others as well.  To me that is PRICELESS!

I guess what I am trying to say is that we need to remember that things happen in life that we cannot control.  Life isn’t perfect…and life isn’t always fair. We hold our “idols” to such a high standard…some forget they are human.

It is okay to be upset…it is okay to feel disappointed…it is okay to feel angry.

But when we put our “wants and desires” before a persons health and well being, it is time to take a step back and reevaluate.

It is never okay to be cruel and to kick a person when they are down!

To quote The Beatles: “And in the end The love you take Is equal to the love you make.”

Think about it…

Love and Planks to all!




  1. Jennifer

    I totally agree with what you wrote. Unfortunately when it comes to the type of profeasion BSB have they can’t take a day off or have someone cover for them when their sick. It’s perfectly alright for the fans to be upset for a minute or two but in the end they should realize the health and well being of the boys is most important. Wouldn’t they rather have a better show when they are 100% then struggling to get through the show? The boys have been non stop for the past two years and I think it’s time for a well needed and deserved break.

    • Jen

      I agree with you! Of course people are going to be upset…they looked forward to seeing a show and meeting their favorite group. Being upset is okay, but being nasty and hateful is just wrong and sad!
      Thanks for reading and responding! 🙂

  2. Maura

    Thank you Jen! I tried to keep my mouth shut as much as I could over the last 48 hours but honestly I am embarrassed by some of what I read yesterday and today.
    Nick Carter works insanely hard and shares as much of himself as he possibly can with his fans. The thanks he gets? He got called a “wanker” for being sick.
    Granted there is speculation as to if he was really sick or just missed the flight but, it’s none of our business what happened! As fans we are not OWED anything when it comes to these men’s personal lives. We are blessed to have been let in as much as we have.
    I can count the number of times Backstreet Boys have completely cancelled a show. If that doesn’t tell you something was very wrong then I don’t know what else would. I know it was a few bad eggs spewing hatred over the weekend but it wa embarrassing to be a part of a “fandom” where anyone would think verbally abusing ANY of the boys is ok.
    Last I checked Nick Carter is as human as I am. He’s prone to illness, mistakes and the occasional bump in the road. I just hope that Nick knows that 95% of the fans were genuinely worried for him and doesn’t look at the measly 5% that decided their desires were more important than his well being.
    Maybe next time before people judge him so harshly they should ask “do I REALLY know the situation? The answer to that is NO. So accept what you’ve been told, do not speculate and simply wish the boys well bc I for one would expect them to do that for me.
    -Maura (@maurasull)

    • Jen

      Preach it Maura!
      Thank you for reading and responding…i agree with you!

      • angelia schatzman

        I totally agree too the only thing i was concerned with is nick is sick i hope hes ok.


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