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Off Topic: Brittany’s Summer Reading List

It should come as no surprise that my summer has not gone as planned.  In trying to fill the void left by the personal mini-concert series I had planned for myself this summer that has been postponed (thanks, COVID!), I first turned to food. I taught myself to...
When you get Fangirl Q&A’s from Non-@BackstreetBoys fans

When you get Fangirl Q&A’s from [email protected] fans

“I wish I was as dedicated and loyal to ANYTHING in my life as you are to the Backstreet Boys.” – Former Co-Worker 

Whether she meant it as a compliment or not, my former co-worker expressed a sentiment shared by many colleagues and friends in my life. And, as with most foreign concepts, there is a lot of curiosity around what it means to be a Backstreet Boys “fangirl.” Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions from people outside the fandom and my best responses (feel free to adapt and recycle where appropriate!).

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